Sunday, July 28, 2013

Author Spotlight: Yearning Devotion by Rachael Orman


Gwen has lived a hard life. She has endured many situations that would have broken a weaker person. But she has found love in her life and it keeps her from completely losing it when things get rough. That is, until one day a man enters her life that changes everything.
Will this man help Gwen become a stronger woman or will he completely destroy her?

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Author Bio:

Rachael is a stay at home mom with 2 young daughters and a husband that keep her constantly on her toes. She lives in the extremely hot state of Arizona, where she reads and writes away the blistering heat outside. She is a cancer survivor with a quirky personality. She’s been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and been writing since she was in high school. Her hopes of being a writer were crushed when she was young but one day she decided she was going to do what makes her happy and that was to write.

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His eyes flicked from one of her eyes to the other as he took a step closer to her. His hands gripped her hips gently. His eyes never leaving hers as he slowly lowered his head to tenderly press his lips to hers before stepping back again.

“I had to do that. Your lips drive me crazy.” Cole let his hands slip off of her hips, stepping back another step. Gwen just stood there staring at him. The cup in her hand fell to the ground, pouring out everywhere. It was the only movement she made for a moment before her eyes closed tightly shut. “Well, uh, thanks for the coffee.” Gwen stuttered before jumping into a cab that someone was just exiting. It quickly pulled away. Cole watched in confusion as it disappeared a few blocks away.

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