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Blog Tour w/ Review & Giveaway: Far too Tempting by Lauren Blakely


Jane Black has written the breakup album of the century, earning her a Grammy, a huge legion of new fans, and the pressure to repeat her success. Sure, the heartbreak from her husband’s unconventional abandonment might have been her inspiration, but it hasn’t done her any favors in the dating department. So when Matthew Harrigan, the toughest music journalist out there, asks for an interview, Jane agrees—as long as her personal life is completely off-limits.

British, gorgeous, and way too tempting, Matthew’s the first guy Jane’s been attracted to since her husband. As she spends more time with him and their relationship heats up, though, so does her writer’s block. How can the queen of the break up pen the perfect follow-up when she’s seriously in love?

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About Lauren Blakely:

Lauren Blakely writes sexy contemporary romance novels with heat, heart, and humor, and her books have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks bestseller lists. Like the heroine in FAR TOO TEMPTING, she thinks life should be filled with family, laughter, and the kind of love that love songs promise. Lauren lives in California with her husband, children, and dogs. Her novels include Caught Up In Us, Pretending He’s Mine, Playing With Her Heart, and Trophy Husband. She also writes for young adults under the name Daisy Whitney.

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I'm a huge fan of Lauren Blakely and I love Entangled publishing so I was already predisposed to like Blakely’s latest novel, Far Too Tempting from Entangled Edge before I even read a single page. This rock star romance I unofficially subtitled "how Jane Black got her groove back," is everything I've come to expect from this author and more. Far too Tempting is not a typical rock star novel and Jane isn't a typical rock star, yet this is exactly why I love this book. It’s a cute, sweet read with a likeable and relatable protagonist and just a smidge of angst.

Jane Black is known to the world for her chart-topping break-up album inspired by a messy divorce. While she searches for her elusive muse to jumpstart her follow-up album, Jane engages in a romantic entanglement with a charming and handsome music journalist. The second Matthew Harrigan’s name was mentioned, I knew he would be the man to knock Jane off her feet. If it wasn’t his good looks or the British accent that clued me in to this fact, it was the hint of forbidden desire simmering between the pair whenever they were near one another. Their mutual desire is so evident that it’s never really a question of will they/won’t they, but more a question of when will they act on their feelings.
Matthew included, Blakely consistently creates sexy and swoon-worthy heroes whose sizzling chemistry with the female protagonists sets the pages on fire. Each of her heroes and heroines are tailor-made for each other, so that they are as compatible joking around with each other at a restaurant as they are between the sheets (or couch cushions as the case may be). Jane understandably has some serious trust issues, but aside from some communication mishaps, their romance is lighthearted and fun. Their romantic and professional courtship provides an entertaining way for me as a reader to get to know both characters’ personalities as well as their musical tastes, which is such a large part of the narrative.  

It may not have unseated Playing with Her Heart as my favorite book by Lauren Blakely, but I thoroughly enjoyed Far Too Tempting, which has the same quirky and upbeat feel as Blakely’s other book, Trophy Husband. For a rock star, Jane is surprisingly down-to-earth, attending the Grammy's one night, and helping her son with homework the next. She’s an everyday gal who just so happens to be a famous musician. It’s not often I come across rock star romances with the female being in the spotlight, but I appreciated the change-of-pace, especially when Jane’s male counterpart is as dreamy as Matthew Harrigan.

Rating: 4 Stars 

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