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Blog Tour w/ Excerpt & Giveaway: Falling For Mr. Wrong (Bencher Family #3) by Inara Scott


Looking for Mrs. Right...

Single father of three, Ross Bencher, knows the kind of woman he wants: someone predictable, reliable, and safe, who can give his kids the security they deserve. Someone entirely different from high-altitude mountaineer Kelsey. Kelsey bewitches him with her long legs and wild passion and is about as far from his ideal as a woman can get, but try telling that to his body. Or his heart...

Falling for Mr. Wrong...
When Kelsey agreed to fill in as a temporary nanny for her best friend’s agency before a big climbing expedition, she had no idea she’d be working for drop-dead sexy Ross Bencher, a man she can’t seem to keep her hands off. She knows if she wants to bring herself—and her father—back alive from the Himalayan Mountains, she can’t afford second-guessing, attachments, or distractions. But Ross’s blue eyes and strong hands leave her gasping...and questioning everything she’s ever known about love...

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“So you’re telling me after your divorce you made some kind of inner pledge to only date Donna Reed?”

“Basically, yes.”

“And then you slept with me.”

He grinned, and the mood unexpectedly lightened. “Those were my requirements for dating. Lucky for me, we never went on a date.”

Unwittingly, Kelsey felt some of the tension ease from her body. It was really unfair that Ross’s smile was so warm it acted on her nerves like a damn tranquilizer. “I think I understand. You think if you sleep with me again, we’re dating. And that would mess up the whole personal vow thing.”

He paused for a moment, and then shrugged, somewhat sheepishly. “Something like that.”

“But wait,” she said, holding up one palm. “You’re jumping to a lot of conclusions, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re assuming that I want to date you.” She tapped one finger in the middle of his chest. “Look at this from my perspective. You’ve got three kids and you live out here in the land of suburbia, with three-car garages and trips to the grocery store every other day to buy more juice boxes. Do you really think this is what I want?”

He had the humility to look slightly ashamed. “I hadn’t really thought about it that way.”

Throwing aside all caution and reason, Kelsey wrapped her arms around his neck. She could hardly believe she was touching him, but the simmering attraction between them had taken over, and she could no longer fight it. “Listen, tough guy. I don’t want to date you any more than you want to date me. And I’d appreciate it very much if you’d keep your judgment about my life and my choices to yourself.”

“But?” He lowered his face an inch, bringing their lips just heartbeats apart.

“But I would like to sleep with you again.”

About the Author:

Inara grew up in winter wonderland of Buffalo, NY. Consequently, she spent much of her childhood complaining about being cold. To spare the world her whining, she fled the cold climate and eventually wound up in the Pacific NW, where she practiced law for ten years before getting up the courage to quit her day job and write full time. A proud author of fantasy and romance for adults and young adults, Inara firmly believes that great literature doesn't have to be depressing, true love does exist, and everyone deserves a happily ever after. You can find her online at Twitter (@inarascott), on Facebook, and at her website:

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  1. I have Exposing Alix on my Kindle, just have not read it yet! But both of these books look hot!

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    Thank you.

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