Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Author Spotlight & Giveaway: The Autumn Series by Kirby Howell

Autumn in the City of Angels (The Autumn Series, #1):

A plague of epic proportion sweeps the globe, leaving less than one percent of the world’s population immune. Among the living is Autumn Winters, the teenage daughter of a famous actress. When Autumn’s parents don’t come home and the city is overtaken by a dangerous faction, she goes into hiding with a small group of underground survivors. They’re led by a mysterious young man who harbors an unearthly secret, and with whom Autumn feels a deep connection.

Autumn in the City of Angels is the first novel in a series, followed by Autumn in the Dark Meadows and Autumn in the City of Lights.


“I stopped looking at the cars after the first few miles. Once I started to see past the exteriors, I saw what lay inside some of them and felt the urge to sprint to the nearest freeway exit. Some people had tried to outrun The Plague by leaving town. They hadn't realized the illness could still find them in their cars, and now the 405 was one of the largest graveyards in the world. I thought for a moment about all of the other cities across the globe that probably had scenes just like this. My eyes stung, wondering if my mother, my dad, or any of my friends were in similar graveyards.

I made the mistake of glancing into an overturned Volkswagen Beetle as I passed and saw a pair of legs clad in jeans and white Jack Purcell sneakers in the shadows of the car. They reminded me of Sarah's shoes. The man who laced those up that morning hadn't realized he wouldn't be taking them off again.”

Autumn in the Dark Meadows (The Autumn Series, #2):

Autumn Winters, one of the few survivors of the deadly Crimson Fever, has escaped Los Angeles with the underground resistance and has been given sanctuary with the Hoover Settlement. They’re one of the few holdouts against the powerful and sadistic Reconstruction Front, who plot to overtake every post-plague community within their reach. But when devastating weather sparks an emergency mission to Hoover’s sister city, Autumn is forced to re-team with her estranged true love to fight for their very survival.

Autumn in the Dark Meadows is the second novel in The Autumn Series, followed by Autumn in the City of Lights.

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About the Authors:

Dana Melton and Jessica Alexander, who write under the name Kirby Howell, have been writing together since 2000 when they met as freshman in their first script writing class at the University of Alabama. Dana, a native Southerner, quickly showed Jessica the ropes and the joys of living below the Mason Dixon Line. Having lived in nearly every other part of the country, it didn’t take Jessica long to acclimate to sweet tea, grits and football. Four years later, with a couple of film degrees under their belts, they moved to Los Angeles to pursue their professional writing careers.

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