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Blog Tour w/ Guest Review & Giveaway: Catch Me by Claire Contreras


In the past, I've always been given everything I've wanted, but nothing  that I truly needed. I've experienced a lot of things in my twenty-five  years, everything except the one thing I want. It's the one thing that  can’t be bought. It can't even be taken, it has to be given. And nobody  has ever given it to me, not really anyway.

Not until him.

Music is the center of both our lives, but as he found his place in it, I  lost my way. He soared, while I spiraled down a destructive path.
I lost myself in more ways than I can count.

The ironic thing is that I didn’t realize how lost I was until he found me.

And now that he has, I have to wonder if he'll stay around long enough to catch me.

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About the Author:

Claire Contreras graduated with her BA in Psychology from Florida  International University. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband,  two little boys, and three dogs.

Her favorite past times are: daydreaming, writing, and reading.

She has been described as a random, sarcastic, crazy girl with no filter.

Life is short, and it’s more bitter than sweet, so she tries to smile as  often as her face allows. She enjoys stories with happy endings,  because life is full of way too many unhappy ones or ones that will  scare the daylights out of her and have her looking over her shoulder at  every turn. Like I said, she's very random.

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I have been eagerly awaiting Catch Me after reading Claire Contreras’ Darkness series not too long ago. If you loved that series you will definitely enjoy this book as well. There is a similar feel as the writing is just as powerful and expressive. The heroine, Brooklyn, is struggling to overcome life altering events from her past and there are two male leads that each capture your heart in different ways and entice you to find out more.

Brooklyn Harmon is an ambitious and intelligent woman looking to step out of the shadow of her record executive father and supermodel mother. Throughout her life she is continually shown that she is not good enough by those she is closest to and has finally decided not to settle for being second best anymore. When Brooklyn meets Nick through her rock star best friend/ex-hookup, Shea, she is instantly drawn to the studly record producer. The problem is she is still dealing with some serious issues from her past and doesn’t know how to be valued and loved.

What I really enjoyed about this book was that it was more than just a love story and it was more than a story of learning to heal through love. It was both of these things, yet it was also a story of dealing with depression, with addiction, with feelings of inadequacy, of coming into your own, and of growing and becoming stronger both as an individual and with the ones that you love.

Brooklyn and Nick have off the charts chemistry and the sexual tension is electric. Often times I find that the anticipation of an encounter or a love scene is often better than the actual love scene itself and I definitely found this to be true in this book. Not that the loves scenes are not incredible, but the intense attraction between the two coupled with the sensuality and confidence that Nick embodies make the buildup intense.

I also really loved the supporting characters especially Shea and Nina, Brooklyn’s sassy tell it like it is cousin. These characters give the story great depth, humanity, and realism. I became extremely emotionally invested in Shea despite his obvious flaws. I loved the relationship that he and Nina each had with Brooklyn but the deep bond that Brooklyn and Shea shared really drew me in and I became particularly attached to him.

I felt like the story ended sort of abruptly. Although I was sufficiently happy with the ending I feel like there is so much more that can be explored not just with Brooklyn and Nick, but also in Shea and Nina’s lives and even with Brooklyn’s brother Hendrix. Catch Me is an emotional, engrossing, and beautiful story and I would really love to read more about all these characters.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

About Michelle Tikal:

I am a stay at home mother of three small children. I met my husband in high school and we have been together for almost 15 years now. I love to read and whenever I have free time (is there such a thing?) I can always be found with my reader in hand.  I love contemporary and New Adult romance, the more angst the better.  I'm a sucker for a happy ending and cannot pass up a hot rocker read. 

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