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Spotlight & Interview with Inkslinger PR

Spotlight on Inkslinger PR

Before I started blogging, I saw the name Inkslinger PR attached to various giveaways, release events and blog tours across a number of blogs I followed. I recognized the name, but didn’t know much about the company until I started my own blog. After a month or so of establishing my blog and trying to figure out what the heck I was doing, I signed up to be receive email updates from Inkslinger and the longer I’ve been part of their blogger family, the more I’ve gotten to know the amazing individuals that make up this company headed by K.P. Simmon.

Some of my absolute favorite authors are Inkslinger clients, including M. Leighton, Lauren Blakely, Kristen Proby, Jennifer Armentrout… the list goes on and on. Every time I get an email with upcoming events hosted by Inkslinger, I immediately click to sign up for anything and everything I can fit in my schedule. I’m not ashamed to admit that one time when I received an email from Inkslinger at midnight, I got out of bed and turned on my computer just to make sure I was one of the first blogs to fill out a certain google doc. I’m always grateful to get a confirmation email that I’m part of an upcoming blog tour, release event, or cover reveal, especially considering the fact that over a thousand bloggers receive emails from Inkslinger.

Next month will mark my first anniversary as a blogger and getting to work with Inkslinger for the majority of this time has been a great experience. As a blogger, it’s an honor to work with them because they’re reliable, professional, and approachable. Though it seems like it’s been years, I’ve only been working with Inkslinger a short time and they have continued to grow as a company and all the success they’ve achieved is well deserved. I hope to continue working with Inkslinger as long as they’ll have me and I sincerely hope that Kelly won’t get sick of me stalking her facebook page to get Inkslinger updates as soon as they’re posted. ;)

About InkSlinger PR:

InkSlinger PR is all about helping authors and publishers get the word out about their latest literary projects. Here at InkSlinger PR, we understand the importance of chasing your dream and believing that the sky’s the limit. With over 10 years marketing and PR experience, our favorite thing is seeing authors reach for their dreams and seeing them come to fruition. Specializing in Young Adult, New Adult and Adult commercial fiction, we are passionate about assisting authors to build their platform and create a brand that will carry them into the future. Contact Inkslinger by Email: InkSlingerPR(at)gmail(dot)com OR visit their Website.

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InkSlinger Crew:

KP Simmon - Owner
Jessica Estep - Publicist
Shanyn Day - Publicist
Danielle Sanchez - Publicist
Tara Gonzalez - Publicist
Nazarea Andrews - Blog Tour Specialist
Jessica Collins - Executive Assistant

Interview with K.P. Simmon

How and when did you first come up with the idea for Inkslinger PR?

A little over 2 years ago, I was helping my best friend with a few of her fan sites and blogs. We’d go to author events and red carpets. The events were where I did my best work to be honest. If you ask my friend, Kallie, she will probably tell you just how bad my blogging skills are! LOL I have a background in corporate marketing and PR, and I realized as I got to know more and more authors that many needed help in these areas. It was at that time that I also realized that I could put my skills and my passion together. And from that, InkSlinger PR was born.

What is the process of determining which authors become Inkslinger clients? Do you read their book(s) before or after they become a client?

Our process…We work similar to when you query a literary agency. We ask that authors send us the first 5 chapters of either the book they feel represents them best (if they are looking for full-time status with us) or the first 5 chapters of the book they are seeking an event for (if they are looking for something like a blog tour, cover reveal, etc). We read every author before we make the decision to work with them or not. We look for strong plot and characters, genuineness, a strong voice, and if we feel it matches the list we already represent. For instance, if you write nonfiction, we are not the company for you. Our biggest deciding factor is if we feel we can be as passionate as possible about each client.

What type of services do you provide as a publicist? What does your job entail?

We are heavy author services minded. We put together a full marketing plan that is different for each author depending on their needs and goals so my job changes depending on which author you are talking about to some extent.

How many authors do you personally oversee with Inkslinger?

I, personally, have about 15 authors that I oversee (some of those work with us part-time). InkSlinger works with about 40 authors total, though.

What is a typical day in your life as a publicist?

Nonstop would be the best word to describe it. I wake up about 6:15am and check all my emails and social media before crawling out of bed (Am I the only one that does this???) and reply to anything that needs an immediate reply. Then I get ready for the day and take the boys to school. As soon as I’m home, I go straight to events, meetings, marketing plans, media pitches, etc. I keep a list about a page long for each day and I try not to go to bed until it is completely finished. I’m a mom of 3 boys so often I am taking my work with me to the school pickup line or to baseball practices and games. I’m actually at a baseball practice right now as I do this interview! I’m able to take my laptop and work wherever I am-which is a good thing, but also means I don’t turn off very often. My day ends somewhere between midnight and 2am usually.

What book are you currently reading?

BEAUTY FROM LOVE by Georgia Cates is my guilty pleasure read right at this moment. I have about 4 client books that I’m reading right now as well.

If you were a heroine in a romance novel, what would your ideal Prince Charming be like?

Oh wow…this seems like it should be an easy question, but it’s not!! I’m married to my Prince Charming to be honest. After reading J. Lynn’s WAIT FOR YOU, I realized that I married my Cam. He’s strong and determined and loving and kind all at the same time. Hard and Soft together? Does that make sense? He’s compassionate, but he doesn’t take crap from anyone (but me!). ;-)

If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

I know you want this really profound answer to this, but I honestly wouldn’t switch lives with anyone. I wake up every single day and get to live my dream to the fullest. Being somebody else, even for just a day, would just mean that I’m not getting to be or do what I am made to do. I’m good just being me.

If your life would be made into a movie, what actress would play you?

I have no idea??? I’m ridiculous and quirky much of the time, as well as all business and serious when I need to be. Who fits that bill? If I get to choose anyone, you should know that I would choose someone 6 foot tall with a perfect rack and arse and that actress-y hair that flows and looks like they just woke up at the same time? Not because it describes me. It doesn’t. But because I just want to live vicariously through that. LOL

If someone were to write your biography, what would be its title?


Me & Kelly (on the left) at the Austin Book Fest


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