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Translucent by Erin Noelle: Release Blitz w/ Excerpt, Review & Giveaway


Sometimes you reach a point where you just can’t take any more – a breaking point some call it. The day I watched my husband murder the woman who was pregnant with his child, my point didn’t just break, it exploded like a magazine firing through the barrel of a fully-automatic AK-47. Literally. I am no longer his American Princess, nor am I his slave. Now, I’m a murderer in hiding. My name was Bryleigh Carter Oliveira and that was my story.

Translucent is one woman's story of breaking free, starting over, and learning to trust again through willful submission.

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Meet Bryleigh Carter… 

Picking me up off the bed, Ish threw me over his shoulder and marched out of the hotel room, into the pitch-black night. Scared speechless, I didn’t make a peep as he strode into the small motel office and dropped me on the floor. The male front desk attendant that had rented me the room had eyes as big as saucers, obviously fearful of Ish and the scene unfolding in front of him.

“Did you give her a room to stay in?” he demanded.

The older man nodded, taking a small step backwards.

“Don’t you fucking move, Gramps, and answer me when I ask you a goddamn question.”

“Y-yes, I gave her a room,” he admitted in a cracked voice.

“Did she pay you with money, or did she fuck you for it?”

“She paid me with money, sir. I don’t run that kind of business.” The man looked down at me huddled in a corner on the floor, and then back up at Ish. “She never even offered that kind of thing.”

Ish stomped around to the back of the counter and held his hand out, palm up. “She wants a refund. She’s not staying here tonight.”

Trembling, the man opened the cash register and pulled out some cash, setting it in Ish’s hand. As he did, Ish grabbed hold of his wrist and twisted it behind his back.

“Please…please don’t hurt me,” the man begged. “I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.”

“No, you probably didn’t, but she did,” Ish spat, his fiery eyes darting over to me. “Princesa, did you know you were doing something wrong?”

The growing sob that had built in the back of my throat escaped as I nodded and said, “Yes, I did.”

“Well, someone needs to be punished for your bad behavior to remind you not to do something like this again.”

“Punish me, Ish,” I cried. “That poor man has nothing to do with this. Please, let him go.”

He glanced over at the man he held in a tight hold, and then back at me before releasing an evil laugh that echoed loudly throughout the small room. “Sorry, Princesa, but I need you to be pretty for our upcoming wedding.” Then, without warning, he pulled a long-bladed knife from the leg of his pants and chopped the man’s hand clear off in one swing. I’m not sure who screamed louder, me or the man, but within seconds, it was only my high-pitched voice shrieking, because Ish took the knife and slit the man’s throat, killing him instantaneously. Dropping the bloody body, he stalked towards me, bent down to my level, and clamped his hand on top of my mouth.

“Quiet now, Bryleigh, before you alert anyone else and I do the same thing to them. You don’t want to be the reason anyone else dies tonight, do you?” he whispered in my ear.

Immediately, I stop screaming, knowing damn well he would do exactly what he promised. “Now, that’s my good Princesa,” he said, stroking my hair. “We should get out of here. I’m going to carry you to the car, and I expect you to be well-behaved.”

Lifting me from the dirty tile floor, he carried me like a baby out to his car and placed me on the passenger seat. Petrified of what was going to happen next, I sat as still as a statue as he got into the car and drove north, back towards Chicago. He said nothing the entire drive home, but once we were both inside the apartment, he threw me on the bed and stripped me naked. Turning me over so that I was face-down on the mattress, he yanked forcefully on my hips, raising them in the air. He held tightly onto my hipbones as he viciously thrust himself into my virgin ass—no warning…no lube…nothing. I shouted out at the intense pain, and tears immediately began to stream down my face, but he didn’t stop thrusting until he was buried completely inside of me.

Leaning over, with his chest pressed to my back, he said in low, spine-chilling voice, “Anytime you fuck up, Princesa, someone will pay the price, and I will make you watch as I administer the punishment. You need to see the consequences of your actions, so don’t fuck up again if you don’t want any more blood on your conscience.”

He then fiercely fucked me until he came deep inside my asshole. He pulled out, not saying another word, then showered and left. I cried until I couldn’t see, and passed out with exhaustion.

That was the only time I ever tried to run away, but sadly, not the only bloodstains on my hands. It was only the beginning.

About the Author:

Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. While earning her degree in History, she rediscovered her love for reading that was first instilled by her grandmother when she was a young child. A lover of happily-ever-afters, both historical and current, Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels. She has recently self-published her first novel, Metamorphosis, which hit both USA Today and Amazon best-selling lists, and is currently working on the sequel, Ambrosia, to be released later in 2013. Most nights you can find her cuddled up in bed with her husband, her Kindle in hand and a sporting event of some sorts on television.

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Review by Michelle:

As an avid fan of Erin Noelle and a blurb for Translucent that is so intriguing it all but dares you not to read it, there was no question I would be getting my hot little hands on this one as soon as possible. Translucent is even more disturbing and absorbing than we are led to believe from that doozy of a blurb yet it is also a story of starting again, allowing hope back in, and finding peace.

Bryleigh is a young woman trapped in a deplorable marriage with an atrocious husband who puts her through numerous and unspeakable things. Once she breaks free of her own personal hell she is forced to start over and learn to live again. I wasn't always the biggest fan of Bryleigh/Blake. In the beginning I was in awe of this woman's strength and determination but shortly thereafter she became extremely insecure and pretty spineless and I found myself becoming a little annoyed and a whole lot perplexed as to where the take charge woman in the beginning went and how she could just disappear without a trace leaving behind what seems to be her polar opposite. Although the reasoning behind why she behaves the way she does is totally understandable, I was definitely put off by her complete lack of assertiveness and the total control she seemed to be willing to give to any person that she came into contact with. There is a big difference between going with the flow, not making waves, and staying inconspicuous and letting people walk all over you. Then I saw it, the tiny glimmer of a backbone, and that confidence and boldness only grew throughout what really seemed to be her awakening once she decided to let the past go and attempted to leave it behind. This glimmer, that gradually bloomed into a full blown shine, quickly got me right back on board and in the long run helped me to appreciate the growth, evolution and journey that Blake experienced.

I was addicted to this story right from the start. The very first page gave me that jolt of electricity that compels you to read more, read faster, and devour every word. This is a story that is hard to put down and impossible to walk away from both physically and mentally. The flow of the narrative and the use of memories, flashbacks and dreams keeps you guessing and dying to piece together the whole story.

There were a few nice little surprises and an intense cliffhanger, but I do have to say that I did expect a bit more astonishment from an author that I consider to be the shock queen. An author who is never afraid to astound and who has absolutely floored me more times than I can even remember.

As always, you simply cannot go wrong with Erin Noelle. Her books are always different and fresh, exciting and fascinating, and Translucent is no different. This story and its stunning cliffhanger has me holding my breath until book two releases which cannot possibly be soon enough.

Rating: 4 Stars

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