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42 Hours (Time for Love #3) by Bethany Lopez: Promo Event w/ Excerpt & Giveaway


Eight years ago, Scott and Gaby shared one very special night. Not wanting to ruin their friendship, they didn't take things further...but neither of them has forgotten.

When Scott’s friends stage an intervention to make him realize that his fiancĂ©, Victoria, is all wrong for him, he takes time to evaluate his life. He’s earned a big promotion and just bought his dream car, but those things are just superficial. The one time he was truly happy, was with Gaby.

Gaby is in a good place in her life. She loves her job, has the best friends and family a girl could ask for, and is dating a sweet and sexy guy, but she’s never stopped thinking about that night with Scott.

Eager to find happiness again, Scott makes a plan to win Gaby’s heart during a weekend getaway, but she doesn’t want to be his rebound girl. Will 42 hours be enough to convince Gaby that it's finally their time for love?

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About the Author:

Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. Since then she has published various YA and NA books. She is a lover of romance, family, and friends, and enjoys incorporating those things in what she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible.

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“So, I ah … know that you’ve been dating Brock.” I tried not to grimace when I said his name. I’m sure he was a good dude and all, everyone else seemed to like him, but he’s always been after Gaby, and right now he was standing in the way of what I wanted. “Is it serious?”

Gaby’s eyes flashed up to mine, and I tried to keep my expression neutral.

“Um, yeah, we’ve gone out a few times,” she said softly and I was very aware that her hand was still nestled in mine. The knot that had formed in my stomach unraveled when she added, “But it’s not serious. I’ve told him that I’m not ready for anything more than just dating for now.”

Inside I was grinning like a loon and fist pumping like an idiot, but to Gaby I just replied, “That’s good … That you guys’ve communicated that stuff.”

She looked at me curiously, but didn’t elaborate on their relationship, and to be honest, I didn’t want to hear anything else about it. If they were just casually dating, then in my eyes, Gaby was free, and it was long past time for me to stake my claim.

It wouldn’t be quick, and it wouldn’t be easy, but I was willing to put in the work if it meant I finally got to have Gaby in the end. I was ready for happiness, and I knew for a fact that Gaby and I together equaled happiness. Now I just needed to come up with a plan to show her that we should be together.

Gaby looked over at the clock, and I followed her gaze. It was time for me to head to work, and I knew that pretty soon the bakery would be swamped.

“I’m gonna have to head out, but since I’m here, I’ll take some pastries in to the office, and a coffee to go,” I said when her gaze shifted back to mine.

She smiled sweetly and nodded, her hand leaving mine as she rose to go behind the counter. I looked down at my hand, bereft when the cool air hit the warm spot hers had just been. I planned to have a lot more hand holding with Gaby in my future. I grinned at the thought as I stood up to watch her filling a big white box with the assortment.

I joined her by the register and paused with my wallet in my hand when her delicate fingers brushed my sleeve.

“I’m so glad you came by,” Gaby said softly. “I was worried that you were upset with me, and I’m glad to see for myself that you’re doing okay.”

“I could never be mad at you for helping me, Gabs,” I responded sincerely. “I just needed some time to come to terms with everything. I’m sorry I didn’t come by sooner. I hate that you were worried.”

The smile that bloomed across her face at my words kicked my heart into overdrive, and I fought the need to lean across the counter and kiss her senseless.

All in good time, I told myself as I reigned myself in. Be patient.

“We were all talking about going to Jake’s to watch Brock’s band play tomorrow night. I’m not sure if Cal or TJ asked you yet, but I sure hope you’ll come,” Gaby said as she handed me my purchases.

“I’d love to,” I replied with a grin. I was going to spend as much time with Gaby as I possible, especially when Brock was around. I had to get her to see that I was the only choice for her, and if that meant stepping on the other man’s toes, I was willing to do it.

“Great,” Gaby said, beaming at me. “Have a good day.”

“You too,” I responded. “Tell Kat I said hi. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

I took one last look at Gaby, smiling as she began filled a dome display with the signature croissants, then held the door open for a family that was entering the store. I opened the passenger door of my car, inspecting the box before placing it on the seat. The last thing I wanted was to get honey or something on the interior. Confident that it was clean, I put it down, then walked around to the driver’s side. I turned the car on, my eyes going to the bakery window, where I saw Gaby chatting happily with her customers, before I pulled away and zoomed off toward work.

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