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Frayed (Connections #4) by Kim Karr: Release Blitz w/ Review & Giveaway


The Connections series continues with this spin-off novel.

He didn’t think, he didn’t question—he just acted.
What she wanted, she took—without regard.
It was only one night, but it changed everything.

After losing his fiancée, Ben Covington is unsure he’ll ever love again. But when he sees Bell Wilde, he’s so deeply drawn to her, that he’s thrown for a loop. Maybe it’s purely sexual chemistry that’s igniting this spark between them...or maybe it’s his second chance at love.

Bell has just gotten her life back on track and may not be up for the challenge of Ben Covington. But once they’re reunited, there’s no holding back—even if a secret from Bell’s past just might shatter them both.

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About the Author:

I live in Florida with my husband and four kids. I've always had a love for reading books and writing. Being an English major in college, I wanted to teach at the college level but that was not to be. I went on to receive an MBA and became a project manager until quitting to raise my family. I currently work part-time with my husband and full-time embracing one of my biggest passions—writing.

I wear a lot of hats! Writer, book-lover, wife, soccer-mom, taxi driver, and the all around go-to person of the family. However, I always find time to read. One of my favorite family outings use to be taking my kids to the bookstore or the library. Today, my oldest child is in college and my twins are juniors so they no longer go with me on these outings. And although I don't need to go to the actual store anymore because I have the greatest device ever invented—a Kindle, I still do. There's nothing like a paperback. So now my four year old and I make dates out of going to the bookstore--it's time I love and cherish.

I like to believe in soulmates, kindred spirits, true friends, and Happily-Ever-Afters. I love to drink champagne, listen to music, and hopes to always stay young at heart.

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Review by Michelle:

For a while now it has been pretty clear that Ben and Bell would be getting together. In Frayed Kim Karr finally explores the potential of this reunion. Usually you want the main characters in a story to have as smooth sailing as possible and any hiccup in the happily ever after can be anxiety inducing and heart breaking. In this case, after the couple's first encounter, I was glad that there were some bumps in the road, that things didn't neatly fall into place for them, and that there was some deliberation as to whether to really pursue something. Pairing Ben and Bell seems like an uphill battle for the author from the start, but the way that these two dealt with a possible relationship, taking into account not just their feelings but their loved ones' as well, and the reality of the outcome of the first encounter rounded things out and helped Ben and Bell's story come together in a fitting and satisfying way.

I wasn't always rooting for Ben and Bell to get together. It's hard to champion a relationship when it starts under some pretty unsavory circumstances, but Kim Karr does a good job of drawing you in to the here and now. It's much easier to accept Ben and Bell knowing that Dahlia has moved on and is far happier in the end and after a while it becomes easier to see these two as any other couple with a bit of a past and a powerful connection. As unlikely as it seemed to begin with, I found I was surprisingly glad they got a second chance after all.

Kim Karr uses the same magic that made us fall fast and hard for River and Dahlia to transform any previous feelings of distaste or loathing for Ben and Bell into actual compassion and concern for them and their future. Do I really love either of these characters? Sadly the answer is not quite, but I do sympathize with the hurdles they have had to conquer, both as a couple and individually, I admire the tenacity of each to rise above their troubles and persevere, and I have actually come to respect the relationship that they have formed which is leaps and bounds from the resentment and intense aversion that I had going into this story.

My favorite part? It always brings a smile to my face when I read the line or lines in a story that convey the meaning of the title of the book, but this one really got me. I had to wait until the very end in order to reach that line this time, but it was well worth the wait as the title Frayed could not be more perfect for this love story that started off under the shakiest of circumstances, was often strained, but always persistent and enduring.

I know many people are leery about reading Frayed because of past transgressions. At one point in the story Ben urges Bell to not let the past dictate the future and once you, as a reader, let go of the past and let present actions speak for themselves, you will find yourself in a much better place with these two characters and their relationship. You will definitely be surprised to find contentment in their pursuit of more together and may even grow to love the outcome.

Rating: 4 Stars

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