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The Certainty of Violet & Luke (The Coincidence #5) by Jessica Sorensen: Review & Giveaway


Violet Hayes’s life is a mess. Between her stalker, Preston, refusing to leave her alone, her parents’ case still being unsolved, and falling behind in school, she always feels on the verge of losing it. When some unexpected news comes her way, it’s the final straw and she ends up doing something that almost costs her life. Thankfully, she survives and makes a promise to herself to put her life back together and to try and figure out exactly how she feels about Luke Price, the one person that’s always there for her.

But as a recovering alcoholic and gambler, Luke has his own struggles to overcome. He’s also fallen in love with Violet, but fears telling her the truth, that it will scare her away or worse, she won’t reciprocate the feeling. Plus, there never seems to be a right time to say it, either the case, Preston, or life getting in the way.

Can the two of them ever get enough peace in their lives to conquer their fears and finally tell each other the truth about how they feel?

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About the Author:

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.

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Review by Yvette:

Reading any of Jessica Sorensen’s New Adult books is a special kind of torture… at least for me. If given the option, I tend to steer clear of angst, yet I delve into each of her novels, knowing that the journey to Happily Ever After will be lengthy and filled with twists and turns. The Certainty of Violet & Luke is the third and final book in this particular couple’s narrative, and their journey so far has been filled with unexpected and shocking revelations that relentlessly interrupt their attempt at a romantic relationship. Both Violet and Luke already have a past that fights against them finding happiness, but then there's another force at work (Violet calls it destiny) that takes things a step further to prevent Luke and Violet from finding happiness with each other. The Certainty of Violet & Luke finally provides Luke Price and Violet Hayes with some much needed resolution, but not before they face their most formidable obstacle to date.

Though they may have been supporting characters in Callie and Kayden's story, Violet and Luke are not the type of characters to remain in the background. Their personalities are larger than life, commanding attention in the midst of any crowd. Both Violet and Luke are similar in that the personality they project to others is only a front to disguise their innermost secrets. In this third book, however, all their secrets are exposed for the world to see and their hardened exteriors are revealed to mask the fact that they are both broken and flawed individuals. While I was initially drawn to these characters for the strength they conveyed in spite of their unfavorable upbringings, I appreciated the chance to witness their vulnerabilities, which Violet and Luke are only comfortable revealing to one another. The author builds a strong attachment between the characters, bonding them on a level so deep that this attachment is the one sure thing the reader has left to cling to when all else around them is unraveling.

Jessica Sorensen excels at venturing towards the twisted and chilling side of New Adult that reminds readers that there is always more to a character than meets the eye. Her characters are survivors, battling invisible demons on a daily basis and Violet and Luke’s demons are particularly haunting. The Certainty of Violet & Luke is the perfect end to Luke and Violet’s narrative, tying up all loose ends and answering any lingering questions while gradually steering them out of the darkness that threatened to overwhelm them. The possibility of Luke and Violet finding their happy ending is what I most looked forward to when I started this book and I was more than satisfied with the finale.

Rating: 5 Stars

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