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Tamed (Torn #5) by K.A. Robinson: Blog Tour Review & Giveaway


Mistakes—my life has been full of them. Time and time again, I’ve tried to change, tried to make the right choices, but it doesn’t matter. I always screw up.

I hoped that Adam would be different, that he wouldn’t be a mistake. Our relationship was supposed to be about sex and nothing more.

Fun, easy, simple—that was what we wanted.

But things are never simple, not for me.

Adam changed me. He made me the person I am today. I hate who I am and what I’ve become. I'm not proud of the things I've done.

I thought my greatest mistake would be falling in love with him.

I was wrong.

My greatest mistake is much, much worse.

I’ve lost control.

I have a secret I can’t hide.

It’s going to destroy everything.

My name is Amber, and this is my story.

***Book five of the Torn Series, but this novel can be read as a standalone***

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About the Author:

K.A. Robinson is twenty-four years old and lives in a small town in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. She is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Torn Series, The Ties Series, Breaking Alexandria, Taming Alec, and Deception. When she’s not writing, she loves to read books that usually have zombies in them. She is addicted to rock music and coffee, mainly Starbucks and Caribou Coffee.

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Review by Michelle:

As an avid fan of the Torn series by K.A. Robinson I knew that Amber and Adam's story was bound to be a good one, but to think that Adam would worm his way into my heart and share a place with Drake, one of my favorite book boyfriends, was something that never crossed my mind when beginning Tamed. After reading the four previous books in the series I certainly never expected Amber and Adam's story to be easy, but to find that it was intensely emotional and downright heartbreaking at times was completely unexpected and really so much more than I had hoped for.

The prologue sucked me in from the word go and the story kept me frantically turning pages to find out more. This story took place over the course of four years which could have had the potential to be a bit slow or drag on, but the pacing was impeccable; hitting all the right points in time, giving insight into only the most important scenes, and taking you on a journey of only the most significant times and events in some of the most imperative years of Amber's life.

The bumps along the way, the roadblocks, and the way in which Amber dealt with her pain was another surprise. We were given an idea of the downward spiral that Amber had fallen into in Toxic, Logan's story, but I had no idea she had been so hurt and broken and never knew the events that lead her to that place. Although I'm not usually a big fan of the way that she eventually chose to forget her woes, it was definitely understandable and the empathy that I felt for her staved off any hard feelings or resentment I would usually feel in the same situation with other characters or under other circumstances. My heart went out to Amber and above all else I just hoped that things would work out for her in the end.

I really grew to love Adam, even when he was at his worst, and would have loved to have been privy to this thoughts. I never thought I would become so attached to another character in this series the way that I had with Drake, but there was just something about bad boy Adam and the glimpses of vulnerability he showed along the way that made me want more and more and more.

I love a story in which at least one of the characters is so devoutly against a relationship that love has to knock them over the head and drag them kicking and screaming along for the ride. I love the tiny flashes of feelings that were never meant to be experienced that come through no matter how hard a character tries to fight it. Most of all, I love when a character is so determined and tries to be so strong all of the time, yet there are hints of weakness, of susceptibility, and a softer side that peeks through as the character starts to slip or begins to lower their guard just a bit. In this case BOTH characters are dead set on having a relationship, but when these two come together they are almost helpless to the power of their connection.

Tamed was a much rougher road for poor Amber than I ever imagined but it was well worth the struggle and the turmoil in the end. An emotionally turbulent ride that invests you in these characters and their journey and makes Tamed a difficult story not to feel for and an even more difficult book to put down. I know that five books is already a lot to ask for from a series but I would really love to see more of Adam and Amber.

Rating: 5 Stars

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