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Dangerous Alliance (Pure Sin #2) by Kyra Davis: Author Spotlight Interview & Giveaway


From Kyra Davis, New York Times bestselling author of Just One Night, comes Book Two in the Pure Sin series that Sinfully Sexy is calling “angsty, intriguing, and off the charts sexy.”

The beautiful, angry Bell has revenge in her heart and Lander Gable in her sights. She’s seduced her way into his arms with the intent to destroy his wealthy family. But now that she’s there, lust and passion have begun squeezing out that desire for vengeance. It’s a dangerous game Bell is playing, and sex, mystery, and lies are the most intriguing game pieces of all.

Releases: December 30, 2014

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About the Author:

I'm the internationally published author of the Sophie Katz mystery series, and So Much For My Happy Ending. My first Erotic Fiction Trilogy will be released in January 2013.

Aside from that, I'm a single mom; I'm addicted to coffee and True Blood (the show, not the drink). I'm happy with who I am yet I’m always striving to be better; I have more bad hair days than good ones, I love a challenge but I am not fearless, I’m….well…just me.

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Interview with Kyra Davis:

If a reader has never read any of your books, what book would you recommend they start with and why?

For my romance readers I'd probably say JUST ONE NIGHT. It was my first book in this genre and I think it's very indicative of my style. Strong female leads, powerful men and a whole lotta angst. That seems to be my thing!

What kind of research did you do to get inside the minds of your characters?

When I do research it's usually on the situation around the characters (and I do a lot of that). But when it comes to getting into their heads, I don't do official research. My mom was on welfare when I was a toddler and middle class when I was a teen. I was on the verge of bankruptcy when I first became a single mom, then, years later became pretty successful thanks to my writing. My husband is a Hollywood director, his family can literally trace their lineage back to King David and his dad was featured on Page 6 because of a feud he was having with his billionaire neighbor(I still think that's just weird). One of my closest girlfriends is a driving instructor, another is a former playboy bunny and another is the CFO of a major Hollywood studio. If I'm going to write about a poor girl who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks (like my protagonist, Bell) I will pull from what I know about that life from people I'm close with. If I'm going to write about an alpha billionaire guy (like Bell's love interest, Lander or his psycho brother, Travis) then I will use what I know of that life and that mentality from the alpha billionaires I've met. That doesn't mean that my characters are based on real individuals. They're not. It just means that I already understand the very different worlds my characters live in and some of the prejudices and predilections that are common for their particular social groups. So I guess that means my research is living my life!

Where did you get the inspiration to write this series?

HSBC Bank was recently caught laundering money for people who had known terrorist affiliations as well as knowingly laundering money for Mexican Drug cartels and so on. No one from HSBC went to jail. So I figured if our government wouldn't make them pay I could create a street-wise dark angel and a very sexy corporate warrior to do it for me, if only in a fictional context. And of course that dark-angel/corporate-warrior combo made for a pretty explosive couple in so many other fun ways.

Do you come up with the titles to your books first, or wait until after the story is finished?

I wait until my editor tells me I need to give him a title. We usually go back and forth on it for a while until we find one we both like. Only once have I had the luxury of coming up with a title after I finished the book and that was with the first book I ever wrote, SEX, MURDER AND A DOUBLE LATTE.

What book are you currently reading?

My son just gave me Neil Gaiman's NEVERWHERE for Hanukkah so I'm reading that. Loving it so far!

If your house was burning down, what is the first thing you would save from the fire?

Other than my son, husband, dog and gecko (in that order)? My computer. Definitely my computer. Yes I have dropbox but I'd still be SO freaked about losing whatever manuscript I was working on.

If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, real or fictional, who would it be and why?

Wonder Woman. Definitely Wonder Woman because if you can be a kick-ass amazon princess for a day you gotta do it.

If someone were to write your biography, what would be its title?

A Little Messy, But A Lot Of Fun.

Which authors inspire you as a writer?

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edith Wharton, Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman, Terry Prachett, Toby Barlow and Donna Tartt.
Oh, and Nick Hornby, and Sarah Dunn, Jennifer Belle, Candace Bushnell....I could do this for a while!

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