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Easy with You (With Me in Seattle #8.5) by Kristen Proby: Review Tour w/ Excerpt & Signed Paperback Giveaway


Nothing has ever come easy for Lila Bailey. She’s fought for every good thing in her life during every day of her thirty-one years. Aside from that one night with an impossible to deny stranger a year ago, Lila is the epitome of responsible.

Steadfast. Strong.

She’s pulled herself out of the train wreck of her childhood, proud to be a professor at Tulane University and laying down roots in a city she’s grown to love. But when some of her female students are viciously murdered, Lila’s shaken to the core and unsure of whom she can trust in New Orleans. When the police detective assigned to the murder case comes to investigate, she’s even more surprised to find herself staring into the eyes of the man that made her toes curl last year.

In an attempt to move on from the tragic loss of his wife, Asher Smith moved his daughter and himself to a new city, ready for a fresh start. A damn fine police lieutenant, but new to the New Orleans force, Asher has a lot to prove to his colleagues and himself.

With a murderer terrorizing the Tulane University campus, Asher finds himself toe-to-toe with the one woman that haunts his dreams. His hands, his lips, his body know her as intimately as he’s ever known anyone. As he learns her mind and heart as well, Asher wants nothing more than to keep her safe, in his bed, and in his and his daughter’s lives for the long haul.

But when Lila becomes the target, can Asher save her in time, or will he lose another woman he loves?

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Review by Yvette:

Whenever I read a book by Kristen Proby, it always feels as if time speeds up and the narrative goes by much too quickly. It’s all too easy to get so swept up in the author’s sexy romances that, before you know it, you’re mourning the end of the book, wishing another hundred or so pages would magically appear to extend the story. This feeling was all the more conspicuous while reading Kristen Proby’s new novella, Easy with You, which, despite its abbreviated length, was packed with suspense, danger, and a super steamy romance between protagonists, Lila Bailey and Asher Smith. As a fan of the author’s With Me in Seattle series and The Boudreaux series, I was excited for this crossover between the two and, all I have to say is, thanks to Kristen Proby for being compelled to give Matt Montgomery's partner his own story.

I’ve never been a fan of books whose fictional couples are continuously in the midst of one angst-ridden incident or another, which is exactly why I adore this author’s books: the romantic buildup is typically short but sweet, leaving ample time for the good stuff. And by good stuff, I mean sexy times. Easy with You follows suit with Lila and Asher’s fast-paced whirlwind romance, which eschews conflict in favor of an effortless repartee and a fan-your-face-it's-so-hot chemistry. Their connection is sensual and intense, although playful at the same time – the type of easygoing relationship where the couple can laugh and fist bump after breaking the bed during a particularly energetic romp in the sack. Easy with You leaves the drama quotient to be fulfilled by the murder investigation in which Asher is investigating and Lila finds herself the killer’s target.

From start to finish, Easy with You kept me entertained and intrigued by both the romance between Lila and Asher as well as the suspense-filled murder mystery plot. The narrative is succinct, but fulfilling, although I wouldn’t have turned down the opportunity to delve further into Lila and Asher’s characters. I appreciated the author’s inclusion of both familiar characters and new characters, although this novella can easily be enjoyed by readers who haven’t yet met the Montgomery or the Boudreaux families. If you’re looking for a quick, romantic thriller, Easy with You is the perfect fix.

*complimentary copy provided via publisher in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars

About Kristen Proby:

Kristen is the author of the Amazon and USA Today bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.

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“It’s been so long since I had sex, I don’t even know if my vagina still works,” I admit in a whisper, making Kate laugh.

“Trust me, it works.”

“How do you know?”

She simply continues to laugh.

“Good morning, ladies.”

Our heads both whip up at the deep, sexy voice, and I’m suddenly staring at a very sweaty, very half-naked, Asher.

Oh Jesus.

“Good morning,” Kate says beside me, but I’m not paying attention to the words they’re saying. My mouth goes dry at the sight of Asher’s naked torso. He’s wearing running shorts, with his shirt tucked into the waist at his hip. He has earbuds in his ears, leading to his phone in his pocket.

He’s panting from his run, and sweat is running down his forehead, his cheek.

His fucking amazing chest.

One drop of sweat slowly makes its way down his sternum to his chiseled abs, and it takes everything in me to not lean over and lick it off.

Down, girl.



Asher’s eyes are laughing as he props his hands on his hips, watching me. “How are you?”

“Oh, I’m fine.”

Kate snickers beside me, earning a kick to the shin from me.

“You look amazing,” he replies and offers me that half-smile. The one that promises all kinds of amazing naughtiness and has kept me up many a night over the past nine months.

“Thank you,” I murmur. Why am I so shy with him now? That night at the bar, I was confident. I knew exactly what I wanted, and that was him. I wasn’t shy. I didn’t hesitate.

And now I feel tongue-tied and hot.

Probably because now I know what he’s capable of.


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