Friday, July 24, 2015

Fighting Fate by Scarlett Finn: Blog Tour Excerpt & Giveaway


Ivy Dune knows how to survive.

Even when her paycheck-to-paycheck life is ripped from her by a vicious crimelord without a conscience, Ivy knows she'll do whatever it takes to make it to the other side alive.

Dax Harrow has made a living off of blood and pain...both in the ring and out.

As an enforcer for the most lethal family in California, Dax knows the bounds of loyalty and will do anything to pay back the debt he owes them, no matter the cost.

When Ivy is placed in Dax's care neither of them are prepared for the fallout.
As enemies close in around them, Ivy and Dax must be prepared for the fight of their lives.

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About the Author:

Having known from a young age that writing was her passion Scarlett has spent large portions of her life dreaming up men, and women, and putting them together to see what they get up to.

“The characters write the story. I just get it down on paper for them.”

Finding her solace in books, reading and writing, have been her eternal companion through all the highs and lows in her life.

Now is time to let the characters flourish and to live forever as she shares them with you.

Good luck on your adventures.

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For half a minute he said nothing then he got hold of her neck and yanked her along. He didn’t speak and she didn’t want to wake Bruno, so she stumbled along without a peep. Relief and gratitude filled her when he took her upstairs and not to the basement.

She hit the bedroom door when Dax threw her against it, then he turned the handle and thrust her forward onto the bedroom floor. Slamming the door, Dax came to her before she could regain her footing and hoisted her up to catapult her over the wooden spindle footboard. She bounced on the mattress and tried to stabilise herself enough to get up, except there was no time, Dax was upon her.

‘Think you could sneak away?’ he growled.

She tried to kick, but his pelvis locked down on hers. ‘Get off me?’ she said, punching out but failing to make substantial contact. Dax got hold of her flailing wrists and locked them on the bed, with her bent elbows locked against her ribcage. ‘Get off!’

‘Oh you don’t want me to yell, Minx. You wake Bruno and you’re going back to the pit.’

‘Let go,’ she snarled through gritted teeth. The glow in his eyes was so intense now that it illuminated the humid space between them.

‘You don’t want me to let go.’

‘I want you off of me. Get off!’

‘I give out the orders, did you forget?’

‘I’ll never give in,’ she panted. ‘I’ll never stop fighting.’

‘You want to die? You’ll fight your way into a coffin.’ She kept trying to wriggle and struggle, never willing to surrender. He elevated her arms and slammed them down again trying to shock her into desisting. ‘Listen!’ Huffing out, she kept on panting but loosened. ‘Be smart. You want to survive. You have to survive, nothing else matters.’

‘I don’t know your story, street rat, but it’s not the same as mine,’ she spat. ‘I don’t want to just survive. I want more than that.’

‘More? There is no more, you breathe in, you breathe out, that’s it.’ His tone of anger spilled out and still in his iron grip he slammed her wrists again.

‘You don’t fight hard enough,’ she said. ‘You’re a hypocrite. You tell me to fight, but it’s you who has given up. Why are you here, Dax? Why are you doing this to me?’

His response wasn’t immediate, the lowering of his brows dimmed his glittering eyes. ‘Why?’

‘Yes, why are you doing this to me? You, why are you here? Not them, not why they’re doing this. You. Why are you doing this?’

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