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Sin & Suffer (Pure Corruption MC #2) by Pepper Winters: Release Blitz w/ Review, Excerpt, Q&A & Giveaway


"Some say the past is in the past. That vengeance will hurt both innocent and guilty. I never believed those lies. Once my lust for revenge is sated, I'll say goodbye to hatred. I'll find a new beginning."

She came from a past Arthur "Kill" Killian never forgot. She made him sin and made him suffer. She tugged him from the shadows and showed him he wasn't as dead as he thought. And with her resurrection came betrayal, deceit, and war.

But then they took her. Stole her. Imprisoned her.

Now Kill's carefully laid plans for vengeance are complete. He craves action, retribution-the blood of his enemies. War has begun. War is all they'll know until they've paid their penance. He will get her back-and rewrite their destiny . . .

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“Let’s go.” Mo cocked his head at the undergrowth. “The sooner this is over, the sooner we can blow some shit up and get home.”

I tried to hide my slight sway and the way even the darkness hurt my eyes. But of course, he saw right through it.

Mo came closer. “You’re the prez, Kill. You’re the one pulling the strings on this party. But tonight, let us be the ones in front, yeah?”

Grasshopper froze. I was well known for being on the front line. I never asked others to do what I was afraid to do myself. I shook my head, then stopped immediately.

Motherfucker, that hurts.

Swallowing my groan, my shoulders slumped. “Normally, I’d take a swing at you for sprouting such bullshit. But . . . you might be right.”

Honesty was a weakness, but it was also a strength. My men trusted me because I wasn’t stupid. If they had a better idea, I listened. If they had reasons to avoid something, I paid attention.

And this was one of those times.

Grasshopper’s boots crunched a twig as he shifted. “You’re still the boss. We aren’t protecting you or doing shit on your behalf; you’re just doing us a favor by not getting in the way.”

As if anyone believes that shit.

“We’ll get her back, dude. And we’ll destroy those motherfuckers.” Grasshopper slapped a hand on my shoulder.

I winced as my headache flared, but I appreciated the gesture. Fuck, I appreciated everything he’d done—even if I was livid.

I owed him.

If it hadn’t have been for Hopper, I might’ve bled out or turned into a damn zucchini before anyone noticed. He’d been the one to pop around when he couldn’t get me on the phone. He was the one who found me passed out.

Mo pulled his gun free and clicked off the safety. “Let’s go.” Like an evil spirit, he dissolved into the tree line.

Grasshopper took off after him, leaving me to bring up the rear—like a rookie or some idiotic prospect.

The trees were watchdogs.

The shadows were death’s pockets to hide in.

We remained silent as we merged with the darkness, slinking stealthily through leaves and cobwebs.

Every step throbbed my head.

Every duck to avoid branches sent queasiness splashing through my skull.

Cleo was nearby and we were about to rescue her.

That was all the incentive I needed to do my fucking job as a Pure Corruption president and lover to my woman.

I’m stronger than a damn concussion.

However, the closer we got to the large wooden fence barricading Dagger Rose, the more I feared I might not be a help but a hindrance. Mo was right to put me at the back. My muscles trembled and the cold sweat of illness never let up. I could barely stomach the pain of walking, let alone running into battle and firing a loud gun.


Moving past the glade where I’d brought Cleo, my fists tightened as I recalled her peering through the hole in the fence and witnessing her old home.

It hurt like hell that she couldn’t remember everything we’d shared, but at the same time, I was glad. Glad that she couldn’t recall the night we both lost everything.

My stomach convulsed as a rancid thought crusted my mind.

She’ll know.

She’ll remember what I did.

My father would’ve had ample time to tell her what happened. To show her the false statement and guild lies into truths.

Everything he said would reek of dishonesty—but one fact remained.

One undisputed fact that would make her hate me for eternity.

What I did was unforgivable.

I was the one who pulled the trigger.

I was the one to slaughter the two people she cared for most in this world.

How can she ever forgive me once she knows?

Excerpted from SIN & SUFFER by Pepper Winters.
Copyright © 2016 by Pepper Winters. Used with permission of Grand Central Publishing. All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex… her books have sex.

She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends.

Her debut book Tears of Tess is followed by Quintessentially Q and Twisted Together. You didn’t think Q could stop so soon, did you? Her other two titles, Last Shadow and Broken Chance will be coming soon.

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Q&A with Pepper Winters:

1. ­ What would readers be surprised to find out about you?

That I’m really not that interesting J Um…not sure…let’s see. I don’t like tomatoes. That’s a random fact.

2. Tell us about your writing process. Do you start with an idea or a character? Do you know what’s going to happen from the beginning or do you figure it out as you write?

I have a vague plot line and character script but as I get to know the people I’m writing and the story arc, it normally always changes. It’s great to see characters take control and guide me in a different direction.

3. Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day?

Not particularly spoken piece of advice, but I do remember reading Laini Taylor’s work and ‘clicking’ with her beautiful writing. That was the day I found my voice.

4. Is there one thing you have to have when writing?

Yes, a class of icy cold Coke Zero and lots of water.

5. How did you choose the names of your characters?

I let them choose. I might have place holders in for a while until it comes to me, or browse on baby websites until something clicks.

6. How has music played a role in your life and in your writing?

Not at all. I have to have complete silence to write. But I love the way some lyrics can tell the soul of my story and list those in the playlists at the back of my work.

7. When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer?

When I was about six years old and I wrote a story in my school book that was meant to be math homework.

8. What can you tell us about your couple, that we won't find in the book?

Oh, not sure. What sort of stuff do you want to know? I guess, you won’t find their generic everyday likes and dislikes. For example, Kill loves coffee black.

9. Do you have any favorite book boyfriends of your own?

I have too many to count. It wouldn’t be fair to list in case I miss one.

10. What are five books on your night stand/bookshelf?

Boring ones. I have The Secret, Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) Napoleon Hill (Think Rich) and a renovation guide to large homes.

11. What’s your favorite quote or scene from your books?

That’s like choosing a favourite child. There are many but I love the scene in the shower with Tess and Q in Monsters in the Dark.

12. If your couple’s relationship had a theme song, what would it be?

Um, again, I’m not sure. Their emotional growth encaptures so many theme songs J I kinda suck at this, I know.

13. Tell us about the cover process. Is this what you had in mind?

Yes, completely. I love an artist that can pluck the idea from your head and make it a reality.

14. If your book was being made into a movie, who would you include in your dream cast? 

I’m going to suck on this question too. I honestly don’t know. My characters are unique in my head, so I don’t see them as anyone else. I know if it was ever made into a movie though, whoever was cast would do a great job.

15. Where do you find inspiration for you writing? Do you use real people/places as a foundation?

Yes and no. I tend to get random plot ideas while driving or in the shower. I don’t really use outside influences but let the character guide me to the next chapter etc.

16. Do you have any hobbies or activities that you enjoy outside of writing? 

Yes, buying real estate and traveling.

17. Would the 10 year-old version of yourself kick your butt or praise you for what you've accomplished in life? 

Praise me. I think I’ve been very lucky and happy with my life so far.

Thanks so much for having me!!

Review by Michelle:

Sin and Suffer is a whole different kind of MC story. Then again is anything from Pepper Winters ever average or cut and dry? Is there war and revenge? Of course. Is there death and destruction? Sure is. What about an unlawful act here and there? Absolutely. It may sound like your run of the mill MC, but Pure Corruption is governed by a different philosophy than most and run like a family. A family in which everyone is equal, everyone is valued, and all that are willing to pledge their loyalty are welcomed by a dedicated and caring Prez who works hard for his club, has his eye on changing things for the better instead of simply rising to greater power, and while dominant and sometimes brash, has a soft spot for his childhood love that rivals even the most epic devotion.

Picking up where the first book left off with Cleo in danger and Kill's health unknown, Sin and Suffer is action packed from the very first page taking you on a dizzying, intense, nerve-wracking ride from the get go with barely a moment to catch your breath. Cleo is back with a vengeance, and Kill is consumed with revenge, but is retribution all it's cracked up to be, especially if it could cost you the one you love?

Although we learned quite a bit about Arthur and Cleo's history in Ruin and Rule we get to know them even better in this installment instilling a whole new level of esteem and respect for the two. We learn more about each as individuals and see bits and pieces of their sweet young love story as they get to know each other again and grow as a couple. While Kill may have seemed rough and abrupt, uncaring and detached, from these glimpses into the past as well as finally learning his astonishing plans for the future, we unearth a whole new side to Arthur Killian.

Threats abound, from those we know are out to make Kill and Cleo suffer and even some of the most unlikely of suspects. With lies and betrayal around every turn, could someone loved and trusted have ulterior motives as well? This story is full of twists and turns and Pepper Winters' signature dark suspense in which you never know what is coming and have no idea what to expect. In Sin and Suffer we are transported to a world in which rules are made to be broken and absolutely anything can happen.

Unfortunately despite promises of undying love and perpetual honesty, Kill continues to guard a few secrets. These aren't your garden variety, innocent secrets either, these are the kind that can lead to demise leaving your breath shallow and your pulse racing from more than just the sizzling love scenes.

With a short, two book series, it is often easy to see what is coming and anticipate how things are going to end. Not this conclusion. As with each and every Pepper Winters novel, Sin and Suffer is unexpected, gripping, and intense with just enough shock and surprise to linger in your mind and constantly keep you on your toes.

*complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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