Thursday, March 16, 2017

Figure Eight by Calia Read: Blog Tour Review


Dear Selah,

Do you remember me?

Of course you don’t. So I’m going to give you a refresher course.

I’ve known you for years and years. We used to have beautiful conversations. There was no one that knew you better than me. We were handmade for each other.

Lately, it’s become achingly obvious you’re miserable. You’ve moved back home to take care of your ailing mother. You’ve been looking for a new job, but that’s not going well. Admit it: it’s all too much.

Everyone around you sees your suffering, but they’re not willing to help you.

Everyone but Jackson.

He comes into your life at the perfect moment and offers you everything you could want: a shoulder to lean on, love, and most importantly, hope.

But there’s no one that can compare to me. You seem to forget that I’m your figure 8. Your infinity. You try to run, but I will always find you.

Yours Truly,
Figure 8

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About the Author:

Calia lives in Indiana with her husband and their four kids.

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Review by Michelle:

Have you ever read a book where you read and read and you think everything is great and then BAM you realize nothing, and I mean nothing, is as it seems? You know the complete and total mindf*ck read where you have to double back to look for clues and try to find what you missed or where things went wrong? These are some of my favorites. They make me feel a little crazy myself for not seeing more, not feeling more, not having that intuition that something more is going on and yet, when you find out that you have been fooled all along, when you are in total and utter shock, you still feel a little giddy that the author got you so good, that they are so talented they could hide the truth right there in plain sight, that they are so clever they can basically tell two completely different stories at the same time right under your nose. Figure Eight just so happens to be one of these books and while I feel a little slow and gullible, I am so immensely impressed with Calia Read for pulling the wool over my unsuspecting eyes and slipping little tidbits right past me.

What starts out as a seemingly simple story of a woman who selflessly takes on too much and has a hard time coping with the burden of it all is an interesting one that keeps you engaged and connected to the characters. Once you start to uncover things and realize that there are whole other levels to this story going on though, it is virtually impossible to put down. I became so mesmerized and thirsty for clues that when I didn't have the time to read, you know when real life creeps in, I found myself sneaking pages or even sentences here and there just to hold off my cravings for more for just a tiny bit longer until I could finally and fully immerse myself back into the story.

A story that seems pretty cut and dry with just a touch of mystery quickly morphs into a huge conundrum where you are looking for answers as to not only who is Figure Eight, but also what exactly happened, and where does all of this information fit? We open with some shady individuals and quite a few questions and things only get more and more tangled, twisted, and convoluted from there. An intriguing puzzle that very slowly comes together piece by tiny piece, but only if you look hard enough and only to get more involved and leave you even more confused and suspicious than ever before.

Absolutely everyone in this book is suspect, not a single character can be trusted, and nothing, not a single thing, is as it seems. You will question everything; what is real and what is not, who is trustworthy and who is not, what is possible and what isn't, and quite possibly even your own sanity.

Figure Eight is one of those books you are going want to turn right back around and read all over again to find out what little clues and nuances you missed the first time around and experience the story from the entirely new outlook you now have. An electrifying, riveting, mind game that is guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor. If you have an eagle eye, love to be surprised, and are begging for the psychological ride of your life, you do not want to miss Figure Eight.

*complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars

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