Thursday, May 7, 2015

Holding You (Love Wanted in Texas #3) by Kelly Elliott: Blog Tour Bonus Scene & Giveaway


Lauren Reynolds wanted only two things in life—to run her father’s horse breeding business and Colt Matthews. Fearing Colt would take her position within the family business, she tried to push him far away from her heart.

When life could no longer keep Lauren and Colt apart, their two worlds became one. Every second of every moment, they spent together. Their love bloomed into something neither of them imagined—a bond so strong Lauren and Colt believed nothing would ever stand in their way.

However, life threw a cruel twist into Colt and Lauren’s planned happily ever after. Will fate let them live out the life they dreamed of, or will one of them be left alone, lost and angry?

“I’ll spend forever holding you … even if it’s only in my memory.”

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About the Author:

Kelly Elliott is married to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a knack for making her laugh almost daily and supports her crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves her!

She’s also a mom to an amazing daughter who is constantly asking for something to eat while her fingers move like mad on her cell phone sending out what is sure to be another very important text message.

In her spare time she loves to sit in her small corner overlooking the Texas hill country and write.

One of her favorite things to do is go for hikes around her property with Gus....her chocolate lab and the other man in her life, and Rose, her golden retriever. When Kelly is not outside helping the hubby haul brush, move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for her that day, you’ll find her inside reading, writing or watching HGTV.

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Bonus Scene:

My eyes scanned the room until I found them. The most breathtaking blue eyes caught mine as a smile spread across my face. Giving me a head nod, I knew that was Colt’s way of telling me he was over this party.

Digging my teeth into my lower lip, I felt that familiar pull in my lower stomach. The way Colt was smiling at me was making my heartbeat race faster. Oh. My. Glitter. The things my mind is thinking right now.

“So, Lauren. Want to tell me what’s running through that mind of yours?”

Shaking my head, I turned to Alex. “Not really, Alex.”

Grinning, Alex let out a chuckle. “I’m going to guess by the way you’re staring at my baby brother, you’re going to be leaving the party soon?”

Letting out a laugh, I nodded and said, “You guess correctly.”

Colt slapped his fellow teammate, Russ, on the back and let out a laugh. Turning, he made his way over to me. Placing my hand on my stomach, I held my breath as I watched Colt move across the room. The way he walked was amazing. His smile was amazing. Hell who was I kidding, everything about him was amazing.

Colt stopped in front of me and placed his hand on the side of my face. “Hey,” he whispered as he leaned down and kissed my lips. “I missed you.”

Smiling against his lips, I whispered back, “We’ve been apart for ten minutes.”

Colt pulled his head back and looked into my eyes. “Longest ten minutes of my life.”

“How much longer do we have to stay here?” I asked as I quickly glanced around the room again. The party was filled with Texas A&M football players and girls who would do anything to hook up with one of the players. The after party for the spring awards banquet should have been filled with the A&M football player’s friends and family. Instead it was filled with horny ass girls looking for action. I couldn’t wait to leave. If one more girl placed her hand on Colt’s body I was going to start breaking pinkies … and move up to arms.

Alex walked up to Colt and placed her hand on his arm. “Hey, Will and I are taking off.” Colt leaned over and kissed his sister on the cheek. “Mom and Dad mentioned dinner was at seven right?” Alex asked as she glanced at me and grinned.

Colt smiled and nodded his head. “Yep. We’ll meet y’all at the restaurant. Lauren and I have … plans for right now.”

Alex let out a giggle and quickly kissed me on the cheek and said, “Have fun! See ya tonight.”

Lifting my hand, I waved to Alex, “See ya later.” Glancing back at Colt, I raised an eyebrow. “Plans huh?”

Colt winked and took my hand in his has he lead me out of the ballroom, into the lobby of the hotel and out to his truck.

Opening the door for me, Colt held out his hand and helped me into the truck. Leaning in, he pulled the buckle over and snapped it into place. Placing his finger on my chin, Colt pulled my eyes to his as he smiled. “I never miss a chance to see something beautiful.”

Feeling my cheeks heat, I licked my lips as my hand moved to the side of Colt’s face.

“You’re like a dream I never want to wake up from.”

The left side of Colt’s smile rose and my heart felt as if it had skipped a beat. “Don’t you know, Lauren?”

Shaking my head, I asked, “Don’t I know what?”

Colt’s blue eyes lit up with fire as he searched my face. “I’m here to make all your dreams come true. Don’t be afraid to open your eyes, Lauren. We’re just getting started.”

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