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Never Tied Down (The Never Duet #2) by Anie Michaels: Release Blitz Review & Giveaway


I miss him.

I miss Marcus.

I miss Riot.

I miss them.

Pushing Riot away when Marcus died was an act of desperate self-preservation. I didn’t love him any less, didn’t blame him for Marcus’ death, but I couldn’t be with him and deal with the crushing weight of guilt that tore me down every single day.

So, I moved on. Or tried to, anyway.

Life, of course, pushed us back together.

I still don’t know if I’m strong enough to keep myself away from him. Or if I even want to.

Besides, something tells me life isn’t done trying to break me.

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About the Author:

Anie Michaels lives in the Pacific Northwest and her love of reading blossomed into a full-time writing career! She is married, has two lovely children, a bunny, and a kitten. When she isn't writing she can be found reading, drinking margaritas, and spending time with friends and family.

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Review by Michelle:

After everything that has happened to Kalli Rivers, that girl sure could use a happy ending! The conclusion to her story, Never Tied Down, is her chance to get what she so richly deserves. Unfortunately, left with virtually no one after pushing away all of her loved ones, things sure aren't looking too good on that front. Luckily, Riot Bentley is the most patient and understanding man on earth so there may just be hope yet.

Kalli hasn't had it easy thus far in life, and it doesn't seem to be letting up. She isn't merely struggling to move forward after Marcus' tragedy, she also strongly believes in a lonely future without love, and on top of all this, her past resurfaces and the root of all her deep seated issues must be faced head on. This honest and emotional depiction of the revisiting of such a hurtful and traumatizing event from her past and all of the ramifications it has had on her life ever since was the perfect road for Kalli to travel to a life she never expected, never believed she deserved, never even thought possible.

Riot is almost too good to be true. He is sweet and considerate, hot and sexy, supportive and charming. He seems to be absolutely perfect. He has the perfect family, the perfect job, he says all the right things at just the right times, he is perfectly tolerant and perfectly forgiving. I honestly wished there was a bit more drama between he and Kalli as the blame for the accident is at first placed upon him and as he then has to cope with Kalli's decision to go it alone. While I understand just where he is coming from when he agrees to give Kalli space, the way that she continually keeps him at arm's length and pushes him away time and again has to be at least a little deterring. I admire his dedication to Kalli and his determination to be with her despite her attempts at self destruction, but his unwavering resolve and his ability to take blow after blow without even the tiniest bit of doubt creeping in made things all too easy for Kalli on the relationship front.

Never Tied Down really is the perfect ending to Kalli and Riot's story. You will be heartbroken, excited, nervous, and delighted, among other things, but above all else you, will be touched and pleased with Kalli's transformational journey.

*complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 Stars

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