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He Will Be My Ruin by K.A. Tucker: Blog Tour Review, Excerpt & Giveaway


The USA TODAY bestselling author of the Ten Tiny Breaths and Burying Water series makes her suspense debut with this sexy, heartpounding story of a young woman determined to find justice after her best friend’s death, a story pulsing with the “intense, hot, emotional” (Colleen Hoover) writing that exhilarates her legions of fans.

A woman who almost had it all . . .

On the surface, Celine Gonzalez had everything a twenty-eight-year-old woman could want: a one-bedroom apartment on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a job that (mostly) paid the bills, and an acceptance letter to the prestigious Hollingsworth Institute of Art, where she would finally live out her dream of becoming an antiques appraiser for a major auction house. All she had worked so hard to achieve was finally within her reach. So why would she kill herself?

A man who was supposed to be her salvation . . .

Maggie Sparkes arrives in New York City to pack up what’s left of her best friend’s belongings after a suicide that has left everyone stunned. The police have deemed the evidence conclusive: Celine got into bed, downed a lethal cocktail of pills and vodka, and never woke up. But when Maggie discovers a scandalous photograph in a lock box hidden in Celine’s apartment, she begins asking questions. Questions about the man Celine fell in love with. The man she never told anyone about, not even Maggie. The man Celine believed would change her life.

Until he became her ruin.

On the hunt for evidence that will force the police to reopen the case, Maggie uncovers more than she bargained for about Celine’s private life—and inadvertently puts herself on the radar of a killer. A killer who will stop at nothing to keep his crimes undiscovered.

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These are Celine’s most private things. No one was ever supposed to find them.

With slightly shaky hands, I shift my focus to the bottom of the closet, where shoe boxes and storage containers are stacked in tidy piles. I toss them about, rooting through the contents, anxious over what I might find.

Until I come to a decorative box of dangly necklaces and bracelets, made from giant stones. An uneducated person might mistake them for costume jewelry, but I know that the diamonds are real. I can tell by their sparkle. Several receipts sit at the bottom of the box, indicating a pawnshop where it looks like Celine had already sold some pieces.

I crawl on my hands and knees to check under the bed. Nothing but a single dust bunny—the soul survivor of Celine’s excessive cleaning regime—hides there.

I toss the lamp onto the recently delivered and freshly made bed—the silk white shade bends but I don’t care—and pull apart the makeshift end table, yanking the long and narrow crates apart to hit the hardwood in a loud clatter.

Books spill out everywhere.

The crates are full of little books, ranging from pink journals with unicorns to leather-bound diaries with locks. No keys included.

I didn’t know Celine kept a diary. But of course she did. She liked keeping track of everything. It only makes sense that she would keep track of her life.

I gather every last one and spread them out across the bed. Hoping that somewhere in here I’ll find a reasonable answer…

Dreading the truth.

About the Author:

Born in small-town Ontario, Kathleen published her first book at the age of six with the help of her elementary school librarian and a box of crayons. She is a voracious reader and the farthest thing from a genre-snob, loving everything from High Fantasy to Chick Lit. Kathleen currently resides in a quaint small town outside of Toronto with her husband, two beautiful girls, and an exhausting brood of four-legged creatures.

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Review by Michelle:

I just knew K.A. Tucker could write absolutely anything and I would love it. I was sure that the way in which she pieces a story together, the captivating qualities of her characters, and her ability to immerse you in the story and wring all sorts of emotions from you through every new twist and turn could carry even the most mundane of stories. This versatile author has given us paranormal romance, she has created some of my very favorite New Adult and Contemporary romances, and now she has ventured into suspense. And it has been confirmed: K.A. tucker can write anything and each and every time, with each new genre, with every new story, in any and all circumstances, it is never short of spectacular. K.A. Tucker is an author that could simply rewrite the alphabet and I would fall all over myself to read it and love every minute doing so. He Will Be My Ruin may be K.A. Tuckers suspense debut, but it is no less stunning, no less arresting, and no less absorbing than each of her pervious works.

An intriguing story of murder, mystery, lies, and betrayal. One in which double lives are led, everyone is a suspect, and no one can be trusted. The first half of He Will Be My Ruin is a steady, meticulous stream of information that will keep you hooked as you frantically search for the next clue, while the last half is a real page turning, nail biting adventure that will make your pulse race, leave your palms sweaty, and keep you glued to its pages.

Prologues are meant to draw you in, to leave you breathless, and make you anxious for more. K.A. Tucker is a master of the gripping prologue. She has an uncanny knack for drawing you in to her stories and keeping you enthralled for the long haul. I have not read a single K.A. Tucker book yet in which I have not been instantly hooked by the prologue and clamoring to get into the story and find out more. Even knowing this, this prologue is something special. This prologue immediately grips you, it raises tons of questions and instantly connects you with Maggie. It grabs not only your interest, but your heart as well.

My motto for this story was Trust No One! And for very good reason. The truth is, each one of us has something to hide, some people's secrets are just much bigger and much more dangerous than others. As Celine's secret life is unearthed, there are quite a few vested parties with a whole lot to lose if word were to get out. As my mind was swimming with conspiracy theories, I was apprehensive of each new character that was introduced and even kept my eye on the little old lady next door who has a suspiciously never ending supply of shortbread and enjoys afternoon tea maybe a little too much.

Then there's the ending, don't even get me started! I had no idea K.A. Tucker was so sadistic, but now I believe it. This ending is pure torture, raising all sorts of questions that we may never know the answer to. What did I just read? Could it mean what I think it means? Could it be true? If so, then what happens next? I need answers!

I have one word for He Will Be My Ruin, and it is consuming. This story constantly niggles in the back of your mind. If you are forced to take a breather or, worse yet, handle your daily responsibilities, it is virtually impossible to escape as you will find yourself recounting each new bit of information over and over and again, becoming obsessed with all of the possibilities, continually trying to piece together all of the evidence, each one of the red flags, all of the signs, and always working to find the answers.

*complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars

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