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Stuck-Up Suit (Cocky Bastard #2) by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward: Book Tour Review & Excerpt


It started out like any other morning on the train.

Until I became mesmerized by the guy sitting across the aisle.

He was barking at someone on his phone like he ruled the world.

Who did the stuck-up suit think he was…God?

Actually, he looked like a God. That was about it.

When his stop came, he got up suddenly and left. So suddenly, he dropped his phone on the way out.

I might have picked it up.

I might have gone through all of his photos and called some of the numbers.

I might have held onto the mystery man’s phone for days—until I finally conjured up the courage to return it.

When I traipsed my ass across town to his fancy company, he refused to see me.

So, I left the phone on the empty desk outside the arrogant jerk’s office.

I might have also left behind a dirty picture on it first though.

I didn’t expect him to text back.

I didn’t expect our exchanges to be hot as hell.

I didn’t expect to fall for him—all before we even met.

The two of us couldn’t have been any more different.

Yet, you know what they say about opposites.

When we finally came face to face, we found out opposites sometimes do more than attract—we consumed each other.

Nothing could have prepared me for the ride he took me on. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for where I’d wind up when the ride was over.

All good things must come to an end, right?

Except our ending was one I didn't see coming.

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Review by Michelle:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I love a cocky bastard. You know, that guy who is so full of himself you think there can't be a single person in this world that loves him more than he loves himself. How about the one you overhear snapping at someone and think, boy, there's a man only a mother could love? Not all of these tools are the illusive lovable jerk though. This man must also not be afraid to turn around and show just how funny, sweet, and considerate he can be, and to expose the heart of gold he hides beneath his sexy, steely exterior. Only then can he become the man you just can't help but be drawn to by his resounding charisma, the man that makes you think his larger than life personality and overconfidence might actually be kind of adorable, the one that makes you fall unexpectedly and wholeheartedly head over heels despite your very best efforts.

Turns out there's only one thing I love more than an adorably arrogant ass and it's the ingenious collaboration of two of my favorite authors, Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. I have loved each of these authors individually. I have devoured every last book from each of them and begged for more. I have pimped these two out to anyone who will listen and fangirled with each new release, but nothing compares to when these two incendiary authors team up. It seems their brilliance knows no bounds as together it appears to grow exponentially producing, once again, a flawless story that has everything you could possibly hope for in a dazzling and intoxicating love story.

There is not a single thing about Stuck-Up Suit that I didn't love. From the fun and enthralling narrative, to the captivating characters and the unique pairing of a loveably arrogant hunk and his super feisty match. From the dialogue and the flirty, witty banter that makes each book of Keeland and Ward's so spellbinding and entertaining, to the spot-on advice and the sexy, fun sextcapades.

These two authors have a true talent for bringing us heroes, no matter how egotistical and unlikeable they may seem, that are endearingly redeemable and heart and panty meltingly charming. Coupled with a spicy firecracker of a heroine with a quick wit and a snarky answer for everything and you have a match made in put-that-man-in-his-place heaven. Graham is angry, brash, high-handed, and harsh, he's also incredibly thoughtful, adorably quirky, deliriously sexy, and just plain swoony. Soraya is my sassy soul mate, the columnist I would read religiously if she were in charge of Ask Ida, and everything I love in a strong-willed, intelligent, confident, hilarious heroine.

Opposites, in this case, don't just attract, they ignite in a sweet, intense, and super hot romance that will have you completely addicted. There are a few nail-biting bumps and bruises along the way as we get into the meat and potatoes of the story and then comes a shocking twist that rocks the couple and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Graham and Soraya's story is a total feels overload that will leave you exhausted and breathless with a huge smile on your face and tears in your eyes.

It's safe to say I had high expectations for this follow-up to Cocky Bastard, one of my favorite books of last year, from two authors that I have come to expect no less than near perfection from. It's an exhilarating feeling to not only have those expectations met, but to have them blown right out of the water. Stuck-Up Suit is the perfect mix of a good bit of angst, plenty of feel good scenes, searing sexy times, and tons of laugh out loud moments. Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland continue to outdo themselves time and again and I can't wait to see what these two have in store for us next.

*complimentary copy provided by authors in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 5 Stars

About Vi Keeland:

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work. She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting USA Today Best Selling smut author by night!

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About Penelope Ward:

Penelope Ward is a USA Today Bestselling author.

She grew up in Boston with five older brothers. She spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career.

Penelope lives for reading books in the new adult genre, coffee and hanging out with her friends and family on weekends.

She is the proud mother of a beautiful 10-year-old girl with autism (the inspiration for the character Callie in Gemini) and a 8-year-old boy, both of whom are the lights of her life.

Penelope, her husband and kids reside in Rhode Island.

She is currently working on her fifth novel, Jake Understood. She is the author of Gemini, Jake Undone, My Skylar and Stepbrother Dearest.
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Outside of the restaurant, Graham’s black car was already curbside. He must have had it waiting and called the driver when I went to the restroom.

“If you’re not going to come home with me, I insist on at least giving you a ride home to your place.”

“The subway is right around the corner. I’m good.”

He shot me an annoyed glance. “Give a little, Soraya. It’s a ride home, not a ride on my cock. And I think you know by now that I’m not a serial killer.”

“You’re so crass.”

He put his hand on the small of my back and steered me to the waiting open car door. I didn’t put up a fight. Graham was right, I was being stubborn while he had pretty much agreed to anything I demanded. Something told me it was a rare occasion when the man was this flexible.

When we arrived at my apartment, Graham walked me to the door.

“When will I see you again?”

“Well, tomorrow is Saturday, so I suppose maybe Monday on the train.”

“Have dinner with me again tomorrow?”

“I have plans.”

His jaw flexed. “With whom?”

We embarked into a lengthy stare off. His gaze was hard. When neither of us gave for a few minutes, he grumbled Christ under his breath, and before I realized what was happening, my back was against the door, and his mouth was on mine.

He kissed me as if he wanted to eat me alive. Before releasing my mouth, he took my lower lip between his teeth and tugged. Hard. With his lips vibrating up against mine, he spoke. “Don’t push me to my limit, Soraya.”

“Why? What will happen?”

“I’ll push back. And I’m trying not to do that with you.”

He was being honest, and I realized I should appreciate that. “To my sister’s house. It’s my niece’s birthday party. That’s where I’m going tomorrow night.

He nodded. “Thank you.”

It took every bit of my willpower to go inside and shut the door behind me. I leaned my back against the door, unable to remember the last time I was so hot and bothered. Maybe not ever. His mouth was sinful; the thought of what he could do with that wicked tongue other places on my body kept me in a state of arousal that bordered on frenzied. But it was more than that. The way he was so dominating and controlling, yet exercised restraint to respect my wishes, was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. The man stimulated something that had been sleeping inside of me. I needed a glass of wine and an orgasm. Not necessarily in that order. If I was going be firm on my stance that we get to know each other and not have sex, then taking things into my own hands was absolutely essential.

In my bedroom, I stripped out of my clothes. I didn’t sleep naked every night, but tonight was definitely a bare evening. As I slipped into bed, my cell rang.

“Is phone sex on the table?” Graham’s voice was a needy rasp. Whatever cooling off my body had done since I left him on the other side of the door was instantly reheated. His voice could definitely speed things up for me. But…

“Sex is off the table. That should probably include all types of sex. Intercourse, oral, phone.”

He groaned. “Oral. God, I want to taste you. And feel that metal tongue ring on my cock. You have no idea how difficult it was to control myself tonight every time I caught a glimpse of that metal when you spoke. It’s like you’re taunting me with every word. What are you wearing, Soraya?”

That voice. I needed to record him saying What are you wearing, Soraya? So I could play it over and over again in a loop when I needed to satisfy my own needs. “I’m actually not wearing anything. I just got undressed and slipped into bed.”

“You sleep naked?”


He actually growled. “Touch yourself.”

“I plan to. But I think I’m going to need both hands tonight. So I’m going to hang up first.”

“How long do you plan on driving me crazy, Soraya?”“Good night, Graham.” I hung up without waiting for him to respond. Even though my body physically ached for the man, I wasn’t ready to open that door with him just yet. Although as I glided my hand down my body alone in my bed, the only thing I could think of was God, I wish it was his hand.


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