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Too Wild to Tame (Romancing the Clarksons #2) by Tessa Bailey: Release Blitz Review & Excerpt


Sometimes you just can't resist playing with fire . . .

By day, Aaron Clarkson suits up, shakes hands, and acts the perfect gentleman. But at night, behind bedroom doors, the tie comes off and the real Aaron comes out to play. Mixing business with pleasure got him fired, so Aaron knows that if he wants to work for the country's most powerful senator, he'll have to keep his eye on the prize. That's easier said than done when he meets the senator's daughter, who's wild, gorgeous, and 100 percent trouble.

Grace Pendleton is the black sheep of her conservative family. Yet while Aaron's presence reminds her of a past she'd rather forget, something in his eyes keeps drawing her in. Maybe it's the way his voice turns her molten. Or maybe it's because deep down inside, the ultra-smooth, polished Aaron Clarkson might be more than even Grace can handle . . .

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Review by Yvette:

Tessa Bailey is one of my go-to authors for a number of reasons, including the fact that it’s impossible for this author to write a bad book. For instance, I can't say I've read many political-themed romances, but I'd read the phone book if it was written by Tessa Bailey and I was eager to get my hands on the next book in the Romancing the Clarksons series. With Rita gone, the Clarkson siblings have dwindled from four to three, and our next stop on the road trip follows Aaron’s story in Too Wild to Tame. You might be wondering to yourself what a buttoned-up politician could possibly have to do with a title like Too Wild to Tame. Then again, if you’ve read any of Tessa Bailey’s books, you probably already know the answer…

From reading Too Hot to Handle, we know that Aaron Clarkson is striving to resurrect his sinking political career after being involved in some political scandal, yet the man is still a bit of a mystery. What we do know is that he’s a go-getter and a take-charge kind of guy, effectively wielding his charm as a political weapon. Aaron prefers to remain emotionally detached when it comes to his career, his family, and his love life, which is why it’s oddly fitting that his love interest is an open book. As much as Aaron’s convinced he's incapable of feeling, his pain and anguish concerning unresolved issues are almost a tangible presence, so much so, that I was grateful for our heroine, Grace. Her happy and hopeful manner gave the story a lighthearted buoyancy that balanced Aaron's inner turmoil. Grace isn’t without her own skeletons, but I loved that it was their differences that drew them together and gave them the strength to overcome their demons.

With Aaron Clarkson, Tessa Bailey once again proves that she's the queen of dirty-talking Alpha males, and Grace is Aaron's more-than-willing partner. I enjoyed the fact that Aaron is typically calm and polished when it comes to his job, yet, around Grace, his control slips and he becomes a man controlled by passion and his baser instincts. The electric current of sexual tension that started simmering between them from their first meeting only intensified over the course of the narrative. Thanks to Aaron and Grace’s explosive chemistry, Too Wild to Tame is decadently erotic, fan-your-face sexy, and just downright dirty (in the best possible way) romance. This book is steamy in a way that will make you swoon and blush and perhaps go back for a re-read of a few choice passages...just to make sure they’re as good the second time around (which they are).

With Aaron and Grace, Tessa Bailey does a spectacular job with character development, really getting inside of their heads and baring their souls within the pages of the narrative. These characters will take you on an emotional roller coaster that’s sure to tug on your heartstrings. As a fan of the Romancing the Clarksons series, I was satisfied with Aaron and Grace’s story but, after finishing Too Wild to Tame, I’m even more impatient to read the books of the remaining two Clarkson siblings.

*complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 Stars

About the Author:

Thank you for your interest in my books! I'm Tessa and I live in the crazy, loud, overcrowded borough of Brooklyn, New York. I love it here. This city is a constant source of inspiration, which is why I've decided to set my most recent books in the Line of Duty Series here.

I moved to New York when I was eighteen, the day after I graduated high school. Threw my suitcase in the back of a Chevrolet Cavalier and drove across the country to find my adventure. I'm still finding it, little by little.

Thank you for being a part of it.

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The security guard at the rear entrance came into view, his familiar hawk eyes zeroing in on Grace. Then Aaron. Exasperation moved over the guard’s features before he hid it by adjusting his earpiece. Activity swarmed on the front side of the building, the media, the shouted questions, the general scrape and hum of movement audible, even where they walked along the backside of the school.

Knowing once they were inside, she wouldn’t see Aaron again, Grace smiled up at him, noticing he didn’t look quite as confident as he had a moment before. “It was nice meeting you,” she whispered. “Thanks for not ratting me out.”

“I…” He smoothed a hand down the front of his ruby-colored tie. “I won’t see you…around again?”

Grace’s hands itched with the urge to burrow into her hair, latch on to the braids she’d completed this morning while waiting for Aaron to show. “Probably not. Why would you?”

Why was he frowning at her? She couldn’t ask him why, since they were within earshot of the guard and the walk had ended way too soon. With a final memorization of his furrowed brow, she transferred her focus. “Hey, Marcus.”

“Grace.” Marcus dipped his chin at Aaron. “Who’s this?”

Her neck grew stiff. “This is my handler for today. He’s new.”

Marcus split a look between her and Aaron, before consulting his clipboard. “No one ran a change in staff by me.”

Grace could feel Aaron’s sharp scrutiny and ignored it, attempting to breeze past Marcus with a casual smile. “I understand. I’ll just go grab my dad, so he can clear it up—”

“No. That’s okay.” As predicted, a harried Marcus blocked her path. “Your father is busy. Just…” He gave Aaron another once-over, lowering his voice to a conspiratorial whisper between men, as if Grace couldn’t hear every word. “You know the approved areas? Be sure to keep her within them.”

“Yes.” She was impressed when Aaron gave a brisk nod. “Will do.”

Aaron took her elbow and moved them into the back hallway, past the kitchen, where the local Boy Scouts were rushing to mix pancakes and pour them on the oversized, industrial griddle. Once they turned a corner and Marcus was no longer in view, Grace reluctantly tugged her elbow out of Aaron’s grip, rubbing the spot to keep the warmth alive awhile longer. “This is where we part ways.”

Aaron’s way too handsome face was the picture of bafflement. “Who are you, hippie?” The low, intense vibration of his voice made her shiver. “Why do you need a handler?”

She reached back and curled her fingers around the metal staircase handle. The one she knew was there—and where it led—thanks to last night’s expedition. Her intent was to slip away without answering, but after ignoring so many compulsions that morning already, she couldn’t deny the final one.

With a thready apology, Grace shot forward and up, locking her mouth with Aaron’s, memorizing the way his stiffness melted in one big deluge. The way he gave a rough exhale through his nose. That gruff sound that drummed from his throat, a split second before his lips opened, tongue teasing in to taste hers. Just some. The most perfect, slick greeting. The two of them hung there, mouths open, lips wet and fitted together, breath racing, kitchen clamoring behind them.

Two ends of a silk rope pulled taut beneath her belly button, a tempting lick of his tongue clenching muscles she’d never acquainted herself with, nor could she point them out on a diagram. Whoa Nelly. And with her heart slamming against her ribs like a wrecking ball, Grace cut out that snippet of time—so shimmering and unmarred—tucked it into her pocket, and stole down the staircase, wondering how long the memory of Aaron’s kiss would stay with her. Praying the answer was forever.

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