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Twelve Truths and a Lie by Christina Lee: Review

Aurora Jones has it all—a job she loves as a child and family therapist, supportive friends, and a decent place to live. What she doesn’t have is much luck when it comes to dating men. And not only are her choices terrible, she also hasn’t been boyfriend free since she was a teenager. So she places herself on a sabbatical of sorts. No dating for twelve months.

Cameron Miller has had a crappy year. His girlfriend fell for his best friend and to ease the pain, he drowns his troubles in more booze and women than he can count. When his buddies finally slap some sense into him and urge him to focus on his new position as a special education teacher in an urban school district, he decides to get his act together.

Away from the prying eyes of their mutual friends, Cameron and Aurora agree to hang out once a week in their newly dubbed Chastity Club. Number of members? Two. It’s a chance to find solace, companionship, and something neither anticipated – a burgeoning attraction. But when Cameron invites Aurora to be his fake date at the reunion his ex-girlfriend and best friend will be attending, their passion ignites. What happens in Chastity Club stays in Chastity Club, right? Until they discover that a year of self-truths might actually lead them to true love.

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About the Author:

Mother, wife, reader, dreamer. Christina lives in the Midwest with her husband and son--her two favorite guys.

She's addicted to lip gloss and salted caramel everything. She believes in true love and kissing, so writing romance novels has become a dream job.

NA Contemporary Romance ALL OF YOU, out now (Penguin/InterMix). BEFORE YOU BREAK in February and WHISPER TO ME in May, 2014. Repped by Sara Megibow.

Also the creator of Tags-n-Stones (dot com) jewelry.

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Review by Michelle:

Christina Lee always has a way of drawing you into her books, holding you hostage with her beautifully constructed, intensely emotional stories, and leaving a lasting impression well after the last page. Twelve Truths and a Lie is no different, in fact it may just be her finest example yet.

The epitome of friends to lovers romance, this love story is built on a solid, unadulterated foundation of friendship and camaraderie, without the pressure of finding the right person, becoming attached to someone for all the wrong reasons, forgetting the past, and even sex. The queen of slow burn returns as you feel the instant connection, appreciate the bond, and long for the acceptance of the inevitable and the embrace of the relationship, yet Aurora and Cameron forge a bond that is so true, so authentic, and so totally unbreakable long before any intimacy is involved or any talk of a relationship occurs, that this book may just have you singing the praises of a Chastity Club yourself. If you weren't a believer in falling in love with your best friend before, this story could definitely have you rethinking the merits.

With an empowering massage and an overriding theme of loving yourself first and foremost, this story is much more than just your average boy meets girl or friends to lovers romance. This is a story about taking control of your own life, taking time to discover who you are, and taking the time to come to love and appreciate that person before rushing into love with anyone else.

Although this is not the first of Christina Lee's books to deal with mental health issues, it could possibly be one of the most powerful. The storyline dealing with special needs students is both heartbreaking and heartwarming all while imparting knowledge, understanding, and empathy that readers can take to heart and put to good use in not just a classroom situation as we witness in this story, but in our own workplace, our everyday lives, and even our own homes.

While I found myself wanting just a little more conflict, some sort of obstacle the couple needed to surmount other than time, if you are looking for a sweet story that is low on angst and high on romance, empowerment, and compassion, Twelve Truths and a Lie is just what the doctor ordered. This intriguing premise will grip you and these wonderful characters are sure to steal your heart.

*complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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