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Mister Wrong by Nicole Williams: Blog Tour Excerpt & Review


Cora Matthews grew up with the Adams boys, twin brothers and best friends who wouldn’t let anything come between them except for one thing—her. One of them became her best friend, the other, her fiancé.

She always knew she’d wind up marrying one of them, and Jacob Adams is the very epitome of Mister Right. At least he is up until he fails to show up for their wedding day. Not that Cora realizes it. At first.

As Jacob’s best man, and identical twin, Matt makes a split second decision, but one that will affect the three of their lives forever—he steps in to take his brother’s place. In front of the altar, exchanging vows with the woman he’s secretly been in love with for years.

Cora eventually finds out about the groom swap. The morning after the wedding. As if realizing she just slept with her fiance’s brother wasn’t disturbing enough, she’s forced to confront her feelings for Matt Adams she thought she’d buried years ago.

Matt’s wrong for her. In every way. But through the course of her real honeymoon with her fake husband, she starts to uncover truths both Adams brothers were hoping to keep hidden, for opposite reasons. One to protect himself, the other to protect her.

She married the wrong brother, but what if he’s been the right one all along?

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“So?” I crossed my arms and leaned into the banister behind me. “Did you? Like my brother?”

She sighed, turning toward the open door. “Jacob . . .”

“What? It’s a fair question.” I shoved off the banister, feeling hope and heat tangling in my veins from the look on her face, from the sound of her voice. She’d felt something for me, whether it be the most passing of crushes or something much deeper. Realizing that had me feeling drunk from something other than alcohol. “Besides, you’re stuck with me now. Won’t matter what you ’fess up to.”

Cora started through the doorway. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Grabbing the suitcases, I followed her. I wasn’t letting this go. Never. Not if she threatened death or castration or anything else. “Why not?”

She broke to a sudden stop a few feet inside the room. “Because I don’t want to focus on the past. I want to concentrate on the future. That’s not going to work if you keep asking me questions about Matt.”

There was a sharpness in her voice—one she didn’t use too often. She didn’t want to keep talking about me, which only made me want to continue talking about me. I’d struck a nerve, but I wasn’t sure how deep that nerve went.

I needed to know how deep it went. I had to know. My whole life, I’d been under the impression that Cora saw me as nothing more than a good friend and substitute brother. She cared for me, but not in the same way I cared for her.

Or did she?

“This thing with Matt . . .”

Her back stiffened.

“Was it a thing? Like ancient history? Or is it still a thing?” I closed the door and wondered why I could feel my heartbeat in my eardrums.

She kept her back to me, standing in the middle of the dark room like a lone ship on a vast ocean. “I married you.”

Yeah, she did marry me.

“But if he’d made a play for you, way back before all of this”—I waved my finger between the two of us, not that she could see it—“would you have given him a chance?”

“He never made a play for me.” Her voice sounded faraway, like she was out of reach when she was less than an arm’s length away.

“That doesn’t answer my question.” I stepped closer. “If he had? Would you have?”

Her back was moving faster from her quickened breathing. This conversation was making her uncomfortable. Why was that?

“Stop, Jacob. Enough.” She spun on me, swaying in place just enough that I reached out to steady her. She shook my hand away like it was white-hot. “I’m not going to get into another fight with you over Matt. I’m done. I picked you. I married you. What else do I have to prove?”

“That you don’t—”

“I don’t love Matt!” Her arms flung out at her sides as her voice spilled across the room. ‘There. I said it. Are you happy now? Are you happy we’ve managed to get into another argument over this infatuation you’re convinced I have for your brother? On our wedding night of all times?” She glared at me with bleary eyes. I couldn’t tell if that was from tears or from alcohol. Maybe both.

“Cora, I’m sorry.” I ran my hands through my hair, wondering what in the hell I was doing—for the millionth time that day. Deceiving her, betraying her, and now accusing and angering her. Maybe I didn’t know the first fucking thing about love. Maybe Jacob knew more about it than I did, because I wasn’t sure love was supposed to hurt as badly as this did.

“Just . . . enough already.” As she shouldered past me, I reached for her, but she shook me off. “I need to be alone.”

She slammed the front door behind her a moment later, leaving me alone with my idiocy.

“Cora,” I called to an empty room. I wasn’t thinking when I rushed toward the door after her. “Cora!”

The moment I pulled the door open, something crashed into me. It made a sharp breath rush out of my mouth as I staggered back a few steps.

My arms barely had time to wrap around her before Cora’s mouth was on mine, moving in such a way that made staying upright next to impossible. Before I had a chance to catch up to the fact that I was kissing Cora in an entirely different way than we’d kissed at the wedding and reception, her fingers were working at my belt. Quickly.

I didn’t know she’d already gotten it undone before she’d moved on to my zipper. The sounds she was making as she kissed me, the way her body felt aligned against mine, the way her mouth knew the intricate balance of submission and domination . . . one moment at a time, Cora was crushing the last remnants of my resolve. Destroying the final pieces of my views of right and wrong.

About the Author:

I'm the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the CRASH series (HarperTeen, S&S UK), LOST & FOUND series, UP IN FLAMES (S&S UK), The EDEN TRILOGY, and a handful of others. I write stories about everyday kinds of people who find themselves in extraordinary kinds of situations. I tell love stories with happy endings because I believe in making the world a better place, and that's one tiny way I can make it so. I'm one of those people who still believe in true love and soul mates, and would rather keep my head in the clouds any day over having my feet firmly on the ground.

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Review by Michelle:

There is something about a love triangle that gets me every time. But a love triangle between brothers? And twin brothers at that? All with the name Nicole Williams on the cover? I couldn't my hands on Mister Wrong fast enough! If you are an angst lover, this book has it in spades. From yearning to passion, from frustration to sympathy, from confusion to elation, Mister Wrong delivers on all the feels.

As we all know, even the happiest of couples have their fair share of ups and downs and when the groom misses his own wedding, it doesn't seem that he and Cora could have been all that happy to begin with. Is the wedding the real issue or just the breaking point? Maybe there is more than meets the eye going on with this tumultuous couple.

Nicole Williams doesn't waste any time immediately immersing us in a wedding under false pretenses and a cavalcade of unrequited love and longing. From there we are inundated with an unwinnable situation from any angle rife with deception, betrayal, indecision, and inevitable pain.

Although I am a huge fan of all the angst that comes with choosing between two identical twin brothers, I wasn't in love with the actions of any of the characters in this story really. I did not love that the substitute groom did what he did after the wedding, no matter what his reasoning behind it. It would have been a completely different situation if Cora had known, really known, before those actions took place. I, of course, did not love the intended groom and pretty much all of his actions and decisions throughout the book with exception of the last. That being said, although I understood, sort of, the motivation behind their relationship, I wasn't really loving how Cora stuck around for so long through all the ups and downs over the years. I know that she saw glimpses of the man she believed he was or could be, but to me, the bad far outweighed the good and it left me feeling like Cora was a bit weak and a bit of a doormat when she could have at least tried for what she really wanted all along. I also would have loved an epilogue as the resolution just didn't quite feel as complete and fulfilling as I had hoped.

Not at all what I was expecting from this story yet just as heart pounding, pulse racing, keep you hooked and furiously flipping pages as we've become accustomed to in a Nicole Williams romance. Fun, exciting, angsty, and addicting, if you are looking for a quick, unique read, Mister Wrong may just be exactly what you are looking for.

*complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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