Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Love Me in the Dark by Mia Asher: Release Blitz Review


Two strangers in Paris ...
One passionate, earth-shattering kiss.

He was the artist upstairs with the tantalizing smile and laughing eyes.

He was the devil inviting me to sin, seducing me to dance in the bright moonlight.

He was desire and need.

When he touched me, my body sang-- my soul came alive.

But I belonged to another man, and he didn't want to let me go.

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About the Author:

My name is Mia Asher.

I'm a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer. And, oh yes…I might be a bit crazy - but who isn't?

I believe in happy endings however I know that not everyone is lucky enough to get one, but such is life. I think fine lines exist to be pushed and possibly crossed.

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Review by Michelle:

The moment I finished reading Arsen, as I sat in awe of that amazing story and the incredible author that could make me feel each and every word, I knew it would be hard to find another book to replace it as my favorite. So, of course, the moment I heard about an angsty new triangle from Mia Asher, I knew I had to get my hands on it as soon as possible, somehow, someway. As far as angst, longing, passion, and eloquent and expressive writing go, I was far from disappointed. A beautifully written, emotional, enticing, and unexpected romance that will have you entranced and enchanted by a man and a woman who find themselves lost and searching for something they didn't even know they needed.

Valentina is a woman so lost she struggles daily with the question of who she really is, who she wants to be, and how she became the person she sees in the mirror each day. Sebastien is a man so thoroughly broken by tragedy he is lost in grief and merely hoping for a band aid to soothe the ache each day as he believes there can never be anything that can ease his pain. As Valentina sets out on a journey of discovery and works to find herself, Sebastien realizes he too needs to find a way out of his sorrow, out of his past, and into the future. These two characters are instantly likable as we see Val's inner spirit and both Seb's inner and outer appeal. Each will quickly and easily grab a hold of your heart with their struggles and have you rooting for better and for more for each of them.

While I love a good emotional prologue, I wasn't a huge fan of putting Sebastien's history out on the table from the start. With this exception, I did really enjoy the way in the which the story unfolds from there on out, up until the last quarter of the book. Memories of Valentina's past paint the picture of a perfect life, the perfect relationship, and perfect love leading readers to wonder where things could have possibly went wrong all while becoming thoroughly enchanted and attracted to Sebastien right alongside Val. I loved the way I caught myself a few times second guessing just who I was rooting for. I loved never quite knowing where this story could possibly take me. And I loved being taken by surprise when I found out that even my wildest conjectures couldn't prepare me for the twists and turns we end up taking.

At the same time, most everything about this story, with the exception of the connection and sexual tension between Val and Sebs, felt rushed. I was unbelievably excited to see William's POV, and although we get a very good idea of just what sort of person he is right off the bat, there were several intriguing aspects of this character that I would have loved to have seen fleshed out more, but they were glossed over for the most part. The events of Sebastien's past were first and foremost described in the prologue which I would have loved to have seen revealed later on in the story once we has gotten to know and become invested in this charming man. It also would have gone a long way in the gut-wrenching feels department if it was not so succinctly noted from the very start and then not mentioned again for quite a while, at which time the aftermath is described, but not necessarily felt as the reader as we were not able to experience it with him. Then the space that Valentina asks for is completely glossed over with only one small mention of what happened in that timeframe. After seeing the buds of Val's self rediscovery in France, I would have loved to have seen more in the way of the actualization of her hopes, her dreams, and her passions which is what happened during that time and we were hardly even informed of these things. And then there was the ending. We go from 0 to 100 in about 3 pages and then it's over. While I loved the last line of the book, after all the angst and turmoil, I would have really enjoyed a bit more time to enjoy what we had been waiting for for the entire book and dig a bit deeper, perhaps by way of a nice epilogue?

That sexual tension I mentioned earlier? Perfection. It was an inferno that gradually builds and builds with every meaningful glance, every word laced with longing, every simple but potent touch, and every desperate desire. A chemistry that ratchets higher and higher until you just can't stand it anymore and are willing to do anything and everything for these two to just give in no matter what the consequences.

All in all, Love Me In The Dark had the makings of a truly wonderful read, if only it had been given a little more room to grow. While it may not become your next top favorite, this book will definitely keep you enthralled and addicted and you will once again be awed by this author's powerful prose.

*complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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